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VERY SHORT FUNNY JOKES - laughing tonic (13)

TEACHER: What is sticky and brown?
EGGISTU: A stick!

TEACHER: What swims and starts with a T?
EGGISTU: Two ducks.

PEPISCO: I'm I fat
EGGISTU: I’d never say you’re fat! You’re just a bit more visible.

A pig stands in front of an electric socket: “Oh no, who put you into that wall?!”

PEPISCO: So where's my birthday gift?
EGGISTU: Here, I bought you a calendar. Your days are numbered now.

MUM: Please call the hospital and lets be sure your sister, DELAYIN is getting better
EGGISTU: I already called the hospital but the line was dead.

Two blind men meet. One says to the other: “Hey dude, long time no see!”

When everything’s coming your way – perhaps you’re in the wrong direction on the highway

I met two guys wearing matching clothing. So I asked them if they were gay. They promptly arrested me.

EGGISTU: Do you know this joke where all the idiots say no?

A woman complains to her mother, “I had this big fight with my husband and at the end he just told me to go to hell.”
Mother frowns, “Oh, and so you came to me, huh?”

EGGISTU: Why do you look so sad?
KAPUDON: I wanted to drown my worries but my wife didn’t want to go in the water.

Do not use the toilet in a dream. It’s a trap!

EGGISTU: You really are the most jealous girl I know.
PEPISCO: Oh, so you know lots of other girls, don't you?

My car horn now sounds like gunshots. People move out of the way much faster recently.

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