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Beyond the big wedding, there is a strong welding,

A welding called marriage, a pity some end in mirage,

Don't embark on love's route without having its true roots

Difficult to bow to marriage vows when love's killed by false shoots



The sense of my rage is not the essence of marriage,

But going the extra mile just to make you smile;

'Cos you're the bone of my bone and not a bone of contention,

Flesh of my flesh and not a thorn in my flesh


Disagreements may set in to challenge this agreement,

If you have problem with someone, tell them and not the world;

The truth may hurt for a while; a lie may hurt forever,

So never let distrust to destroy this trust


Get up and take down strong holds; treasure your union as gold,

Sacrifice and service; that is what will suffice,

It takes two to tangle and acceptance to accept hands;

At least two parties needed to spark up the "one flesh" party


Amos three three is a must to thrill this tree;

Like a divine tree, let's call it harmony of three;

God's the third party; you need no other party,

Let God be in charge and let his love be your charge


God is the root and his love is the route,

What God has joined together, let no man put asunder,

If the husband is the stem, then the wife is his branch,

Raising Godly children as good fruits of fulfillment


When someone is quiet on you, their's always a reason;

Nobody's too busy; it's a matter of priority,

Don't just chat in your free time but free your time to talk;

A caring friend is a thousand times better than a careless lover


As husband and wife, we're two hands of the scissors

Only God's permitted to cease us as he sees us

Intruders come between us if we fall far apart

But God's hand brings us together to slice off misuderstandings


The bolt of friendship placed us both on this boat;

Christ is the chief sheep just as you are my fellow sheep

The best length of marital bliss is built on God's breath

And not on tensions that build butterflies in the belly


No wall of Jericho can come between us

'Cos I got unhindered access to the bank of your thoughts

Through a free flow of communication and trust

Which breaks all backbone of suspicion and assumption.


Title credits: Felix Sarah

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