FRIVOLITIES - the choice; voices at crossways

Voices at crossways

Remember what the voice from the cross says;

It's finished; His blood speaks for our case

Through the grace of the ancient of days



Two ways; you can't go all ways

Grace teaches us to base

And abide in Christ always

Obedience is what pays


Bruised by the craze

Of the lust in the maze;

Giving up your mace

Just for coins from the maize


Branding the essays

To suit what hell says;

Feeding from poor trays

Isn't what the great portrays


Knowledge starts from the Kays

But doesn't stand for decays;

What this play displays

Is they sway as they chase pays


What survey conveys

Shouldn't affect the praise we raise;

God's way is what weighs;

"Always obey" is the phrase


Still pray despite delays,

Praise him we don't end preys,

Check up under his x-rays

To checkmate all what self says


Life's without replays,

Which destiny will you trace?

When God's will stays,

You'll fulfill your days


Stick to Christ who authored grace;

The grease for the race,

And your story won't glaze

But your glory set ablaze.


Title credits: Olive Samuels

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