MIRAGE - look before you leap

Butterflies in the belly; all but for lies;

Enticed by six packs to be trapped within wolf packs,

Though he signs lots of cheques, put your feelings to check;

'Cos money would no more matter if your morning turns to mourning



Don't just go for her lips; look before you leap,

Don't just go for dirt heaps disguised as killer hips,

Before you clutch her butts, consider the thorny buts,

All in for her tits? What if her teeth break your bones?


Friendship works; heart and brain walk the course,

Though the void of loss, you can still fill loss,

Philos isn't fee loss but paid not to feel loss;

Discern errors from Eros not to ride on the ere-horse


Caught in the art; two sail in the caught ship,

Beautiful picture; photography of courtship,

Fellowship with fellow sheep in a sheep called friendship;

But the pain of a cut ship can create a broken ship


So, don't be a bone of contention nor thorn in the flesh,

To be another's flesh, learn till your love turns flesh,

To be another's bone, got to prepare to the bone;

Prior proper preparation practically prevents poor performance


A two tyred cycle runs, yet, too tired to stand alone;

One man, one wife; make God the third cycle,

Or better still, a bicycle which God won't stop pedaling;

Agreement of two tyres pedaled to motion by love


One day is for the wedding; everyday for the marriage,

Honest love is the rock that makes the marriage rock,

So don't just talk the walk; you have to walk the talk,

Don't stop the work on yourself till you walk into yourself.

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