STAR OF EASTER - reason for the spicy season

The clause that breaks sin's claws and shuts death's jaws;

He became a curse to change our life course,

He got the Ts crossed as he hung on the cross;

Gave himself for us to create us divine life force



He's star of Easter even without the star wars,

Left the throne for earth to dethrone hell and death,

Died for humanity that man may live for eternity,

Risen from the grave; reason for the spicy season


The word spoken; the veil broken,

Blood was the token that got life awoken,

Grace was woven to protect me in life's oven,

An unleavened raven; I'm a citizen of heaven


The world sees a gent; the Lord sees a giant,

The world says Sir Gent; the Word says sergeant;

Ain't just a reagent; I'm God's real agent;

To sin I'm divergent; to win, I'm convergent


Voice from Calvary; never will it vary,

The deadly fury is buried for real

Making man the story that represents his glory

Buried in life's water's scary; grace makes us rise than garri.

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