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HIS NUMBERING - It's with all FIVE senses That the believer SEEKS

Jehovah is the ONE

we raise our voices TO

Godhead into THREE

Is the Lord we live FOR



It's with all FIVE senses

That the believer SEEKS

Not just to SEE HEAVEN

But the love that kills HATE


God's Loving and beNIGN

To have caused my u-TURN

From the yeast of A LEAVEN

And from self, the TWIRL ELF


The Spirit TELL THINGs

As the flesh looks FOR THINGs

More than a 4-star hotel; so draws the FIFTH IN

More than a 5-star hot hell; so is sick for a SIXTH IN


You may marry more than SEVEN TEEN virgins

Or can earthly pleasures in A TIN can

Uncontrolled self still caves the NIGHT IN

When the void becomes TOO EMPTY


Don't be the TOO EMPTY ONE

And I won't be TOO EMPTY TOO


We're the ones Christ came TO END THINGs FOR.


Title credits: Oghosa Anthonia Imayuse

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