THE VICTOR'S STANCE - Even life is impressed 'cos I ain't perplexed

Was already getting tired of Waiting for what I desired;

I just wanted to be wired To God's Spirit that got me inspired,

Satan felt insulted As I patiently waited to be catapulted

Into a realm where God alone's exalted; That was exactly what resulted



Standing face to face With the ancient of days

I forgot about my case, Speaking forth in grace

I forgot about my fear And just spoke it clear;

Words blazing into the atmosphere To upgrade my life to a better sphere


A sphere of the word; The living sword

Of the true God Who deserves our applaud,

The scripture I'm with Has been copied into my spirit;

God's word is my meat That's why I know no defeat


I'm unruffled by life's pressure 'Cos of my pleasure

In this wonderful treasure; God's gift without measure,

Been compressed Yet, not depressed;

Even life's impressed 'Cos I ain't perplexed


When the voice of frustration Tried slowing down my motion,

I heard my divine caption Saying failure ain't an option.

A glorious sound Of a turning around,

Directing me to a higher ground Where only Victory is found


The sound of victory Spurring me to decree

Freedom from every Past lingering injury;

I don't fret at any threats

Of the enemy I get 'cos my victory's set


Not anxious of my future; I bring praise into the picture

'Cos my future's structure is found upon God's scripture,

Going further, I don't feel it getting harder

'Cos I've got a supportive father pushing me up the ladder


Experiencing an array of Victory everyday

A Victory that has come to stay; that's God having his way

My stance is my assurance; the victory insurance;

A faith spured endurance graced with more than chance.


Title credits: Oghosa Anthonia Imayuse

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