LIFE'S CREDIT - Rather than quantify grace Just let it justify your race

Eyes haven't seen
The deepest depth God has been
To God, we've seen nothing
Not even where He begins


There's a compact impact
That's intact and exact
When you extract the facts
From life's tract through divine acts
Though the logic in your head
Philosophy you've heard
Even facts you've read
They're second to truth God's said
Rather than quantify grace
Just let it justify your race
Follow Jesus' pace
And Victory will be your case
If you feed just on human credits,
You'd be living life on credit;
For free airtime per seconds I breathe,
I give God all the credit
Human efforts call hell forth;
The fault is man's by default,
But God's created us a forte;
A secured vault of comfort
This is the true talk;
You may have the strength of the hulk,
Yet, the human errors in your work
Unveil the flaws in your walk
It's not about you
But what God has done and will do;
His quality qualifies you,
His chastity sanctifies you
Always be confident
'Cos the Spirit is resident
Title credits: Isibor Naomi
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Christ has taken the hit
To save you from hell's heat
And I'm the eternal Spirit
God has possessed you with


I daily give you nice treats
But you never know it
'Cos you welcome what flesh spits
Rather than walk in the Spirit
Christ suffered shame and seeming defeat
By the bruising of the feet
To lift you beyond feits
Till you attain life's great feat
Christ has taken the beat
To grant you life's full kit
He has cleansed you from filth
So stop swimming in guilt
Grace has been placed on repeat
To shield you from sin's real pit;
I've resolved never to quit
Not even a little bit
I lead you with divine wits
So you won't be sift as wheat
Yet, to the flesh, you tilt
And not the walk in the Spirit
I'm the air your spirit breathes
I'm the word your soul eats
I've graced you with teeth
Yet, you refuse strong meat
My word as you've heard it
Is not for you to edit
A demand for you to meet
Is ,"obey in love" as I deem fit
I shield you from deceit
To establish you on the seat
Clothed in my truth's sheets
To stand against the cheat
I've raised you from beneath
Not just for you to be neat
But bear good fruit a as sweet
As my love that got you lit
You aren't called to compete;
In Christ, you're complete;
All you need to do is sit
On the truth that I knit.
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GRACE KEEPS RISING AND SHINING - Keeps me going and glowing

A little distraction
Bringing confusion;
A little deviation
To yield to temptation


A stolen attention
To Lose our vision;
A wrong decision
Affecting our mission
When the going gets tough
And the toughness gets rough,
When hiccups turn cough
And resolve is switched off
When all seems wrong
And sewn seams don't last long,
Off key songs lie on the tongue;
Yet, time's not getting young
Many times, we fall;
But grace helps us in all
To be unstalled and stand tall
To justify God's call
Grace forgiving,
Restoring and reviving
Which keeps us standing,
Surviving and singing
Keeps his love flowing
And His Blessings raining,
Keeps His power blazing
And this fire burning
Grace keeps rising and shining,
Keeps me going and glowing;
God understands my feelings,
Pillar that keeps me standing
He's all knowing;
End of all beginnings,
He's still ruling
And forever reigning.
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GAME OVER - the curse is crossed out from the cross

Life's brought beyond ten tackles, yet, I'm a focused goalkeeper
I dribble life's tentacles than Messi 'cos of God's Mercy
Love is my new jersey and the church is my team
Grace covers the red cards and keeps me in the game


Been turned from scar to star so won't throw in the tar
I rather throw in the light and brighten my corner
Forget the injury time; my Victory is flawless
And I don't rely on fowl play though the world seems lawless
God is my number one; oh yes! He is my keeper
Death was my penalty till number one took the hit
He gave me free kicks to win, so I shoot at the devil
You can't catch me offside 'cos I'm on the Lord's side
When Satan comes striking, God remains my defender
When the field of life goes steeper, no need to surrender
I reckon with four words, "I've gone past backwards"
Forward ever, backward never; driving further is my motto
I can't be a Backman 'cos Jesus got my back
Though the dogs may bark, I remain in front
Grace makes me front the hits from back to back
The bark of sin is skinned; now I'm in the winning scene
Satan played the games till game over from the cross
I got to the field and 'twas a work over of course
Christ my referee's taken over so I can't go off course
My cup runs over; coach Jehovah is the cause.
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SUPER GLUE OF LOVE - He's turned on by her physique while she feels the chemistry

Ladies in complexity of various diversity

Men in simplicity of glorious humility
He's uniquely classic; she's classically unique
He's gorgeously precious; she's preciously gorgeous



He's specially social; she's socially special
He's courteously warm; she's warmly courteous
He's cutely fantastic; she's fantastically cute
His eyes turn beauty-full 'cos her heart is beautiful
I wonder the male fee expected from the female
Not as complex as woman; woo man
If you can groom her, then make her your bride
Create her a heaven if she'll be your Angel
Beauty without beast; I mean she got butts but no B-U-T
He's turned on by her physique while she feels the chemistry
She tries to solve the math though he proposes in English
And like, love is my problem and you are the solution
When love is your rule-bar, language is no barrier
When love is your station, antennas got reception
When love is your vision, you'd see your mission
When love is the bond, two forever become one
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THE BELIEVER'S CREED - Forget your MIStake and focus on HIS take

It's not how far
But it's how well;
You cannot tell
When you'd be the star
It's not how fast
But it's how high;
The best you try
Will make you laugh last
The wrong you make
Can't make you bad
If God your dad
Corrects your Mistake
You're still not first;
It's just for now,
Your God knows how
He'll make you the best
The road seems tough
But when you're strong
It won't be long
Till you're proven tough
Even when wrong
Never get sad;
You're God's own lad
And will sing His song
The vision's plain
To place God first
So do your best
And it won't be vain

Just trust in God
And build your faith;
You've got good fate
As said by God's word
Forget your MIStake;
Though tagged great fool,
You'd end up grateful
If you focus on HIS take
The world acts as blindfold
To make you see the scars of a clown
Rather than stars in your crown;
The word reminds you you're in HIS fold
Don't ever stop walking;
A proposal to great faith
Gets you married to good fate
'Cos our God is ever working
God is not a man that he should lie,
So just stand on his word;
We walk by faith in this world
With the Spirit of truth as ally
In times of sunshine and rain
His grace will keep you through;
His word is ever true
The son was slain to make you reign.
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DEATH'S PRICE - He paid the debt Through His noble death

He was slain in pain
But rose again;
He broke sin's chains
And all its deadly constraints


Has released life to us
And placed us on the right course,
He is the true cause
Of death's broken curse
Death was the price
Of the highest sacrifice;
Love did suffice;
Love that broke the ice
He paid the debt
Through His noble death
And restored the earth
From evil's depth
Story confirms the glory,
Glory proclaims the story;
So it's not just all about your story,
Just give God the glory
If your life's show is played,
Will you desire what replays;
Not proud of what relays?
Then turn to God for real Axe
Reaching the mercy seat
Is not by how well you fit
But the Spirit light lit
To direct your feet
May Christ the Living Well
Keep you living well;
Rather than leave him for wells,
Desire to live well for him.
Title credits: Isibor Naomi
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BEACONS - I'll wait; chastity

The world's a witness
That some take pride in weakness
Under the guise of an awareness
Of civilized madness

Fantasy of virtuality,
Contrasting hypocrisy of reality,
The weakness of humanity
Versus the chastity ability
Lustful convenience,
Lack of patience,
Hardened conscience;
Loss of innocence
Insatiable adventure
For lustful pleasure;
An erupted sexual rupture
Unraptured to alter the future
Pleasure is wired to the gene;
Pressure is like a start-up engine
Turning the unchased virgin
Into an unchaste virgin
Chastity wages war
Against a viral factor;
The virus in lust's store
That knocks love to the floor
I am Godsent
To be different;
To remain innocent
And to stay decent
I'll keep my virginity,
It's my pride and dignity;
I'll use every opportunity
To show off my chastity
Despite the notion
That it's old fashioned
Isn't enough confrontation
To kill my vision
A vision most hardly chase
Like the action series of Hadley Chase;
This vision I chase
Is to remain chaste
Not just the chased virgin;
I am the chaste virgin,
The flowered land so green
Will be deflowered with a grin
Could be Virgin but not "the tea"
When a Virgin; yet, sexually dirty;
Virgin chasing titties or virgin chased titties,
Only chastity can cross the Ts.
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