GRACE KEEPS RISING AND SHINING - Keeps me going and glowing

A little distraction
Bringing confusion;
A little deviation
To yield to temptation


A stolen attention
To Lose our vision;
A wrong decision
Affecting our mission
When the going gets tough
And the toughness gets rough,
When hiccups turn cough
And resolve is switched off
When all seems wrong
And sewn seams don't last long,
Off key songs lie on the tongue;
Yet, time's not getting young
Many times, we fall;
But grace helps us in all
To be unstalled and stand tall
To justify God's call
Grace forgiving,
Restoring and reviving
Which keeps us standing,
Surviving and singing
Keeps his love flowing
And His Blessings raining,
Keeps His power blazing
And this fire burning
Grace keeps rising and shining,
Keeps me going and glowing;
God understands my feelings,
Pillar that keeps me standing
He's all knowing;
End of all beginnings,
He's still ruling
And forever reigning.
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