LIFE'S CREDIT - Rather than quantify grace Just let it justify your race

Eyes haven't seen
The deepest depth God has been
To God, we've seen nothing
Not even where He begins


There's a compact impact
That's intact and exact
When you extract the facts
From life's tract through divine acts
Though the logic in your head
Philosophy you've heard
Even facts you've read
They're second to truth God's said
Rather than quantify grace
Just let it justify your race
Follow Jesus' pace
And Victory will be your case
If you feed just on human credits,
You'd be living life on credit;
For free airtime per seconds I breathe,
I give God all the credit
Human efforts call hell forth;
The fault is man's by default,
But God's created us a forte;
A secured vault of comfort
This is the true talk;
You may have the strength of the hulk,
Yet, the human errors in your work
Unveil the flaws in your walk
It's not about you
But what God has done and will do;
His quality qualifies you,
His chastity sanctifies you
Always be confident
'Cos the Spirit is resident
Title credits: Isibor Naomi
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