OCHUKO IKOGHO - Pengaze Star

Solid rooted with wisdom that's taller than IROKO
Well informed; vast knowledge; ain't talking APROKO
Dem call him a HOT PRO; more action than PROCOLD
Hot shot on fire; Spiritual hot COAL


Now, ME HIGH like MILO; I'm talking choco-milo
Sorry! Meant Mr. ALL CHOCO; precise! Mr. OCHUKO
That he's sweeter than COCOA is just one of the KOKO
Some call him MARTISON; I guess God calls him MY TEA SON
Words play as a team to get a sentence for today
Yeah! Today's been sentenced; no wonder it's scent tensed
With life in prism meant for the rain of grace to reign
So life's a go; it is a goal, when you team up with IKOGHO
Based on sey U dey shine na, pass the bling-bling of China
May God baptize you in wealth and uplift you in health
Eliminate your threats and protect you in stealth

I jubilate Ikogho; I celebrate Ochuko.
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