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Fish out the food items and their corresponding wordplays (e.g. all crawl = okro) - THERE ARE OVER 25 EDIBLE STUFF (food, spice, fruit etc.) EMBEDED IN THIS POETRY GAME; let’s see how many you can fish out

Dem attack like bitter-leaf but right now dem all crawl
Dem try shoot with pistol but she pound them like yam
Dem try pound her like yam but God make her immortal
Dem try break her like melon but God’s palm tough her than kernel
Haters poke-nose, no fit chop me; dem dry beef like kilishi
Life drowns me; I rise again; Life burries me; I live again
See, God is the holy water, wey dey make my garri to rise
God is the loamy soil; makes my buried seeds grow too o
See as she dey spice me like sey her name na maggi
Adding taste to my life, like sey na she be salt
And she gets better with time like sey her friend na curry
Belle nor know onga but this big guy lick stew finish
Black beauty like black soup; I’m content with her content
If life’s a pot of soup, she’ll be the egg you see
If you like sell am meat, she no get malice to beef you
If you like sell am fish, she no dey selfish to bone you
She is not for the ground, don’t ever call her groundnut
Self-love, no self-ish; not selfish with her selfies
Perfect wife material; she pays fees, not sell fees
Stirs my will through life’s traffic; gingers me to my toe

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