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Fish out the food items and their corresponding wordplays (e.g.MORIN-guy = Moringa) - THERE ARE OVER 40 EDIBLE STUFF (food, spice, fruit etc.) EMBEDED IN THIS POETRY GAME; let’s see how many you can fish out

Sure! Life no be beans, so I was bred with love as butter
Papa’s love kept growing like sey hin get seed pass guava
Mama’s love sweet pass shawama; (bf’s) love cool pass cucumber
God’s love cons no one; self-love unbroken by life’s maze
Right now to the koko; not about just any (gf)
I hustled with my biz-kits while I eyed you horny hottie
Wan cash you my theme and motto, but you forming wall not broken
God don make pepper to blend; now there’s dough for daily chops
My pearl and yellow pawpaw, slim-fit like sugar cane
Curvy banana hips; the eye land of low-cost-beings
The MORIN-guy dey rush her but she abstains like a NUN
My almond, my diamond; she’s sweet in all ranges
Wherever man goes, I see this pine I pull
What I mail on from her chest is treasured by my mind’s milk teeth
My personal onion; she dey cause me tears of joy
Wish she were my Adam’s apple so I’d touch her everyday
Angry orcs, the hulk and gray apes are calmed by her oiled aura
She’d make your cheer real till you bury the hatchet
Turns car wrath movie trailers; she’s just so fun to be with
The red bull can bear the cow pee just to reserve her the left wine
*gf: Good friend
*bf: Best Friend

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