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I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU BUDDY – In love with your body

If I were Winnie the poo; you’ll be bae of the bees; baby
Yes the very bae-bee that will always make me horny
The other bees are jelous ‘cos na you I dey call honey
I boo dem bees away ‘cos they call me honey snatcher
No be me be the bus but she keeps driving me crazy
Baba God na the boss; God is good is my motto
She stirs my wheel without lie-sense ‘cos truth is her license
We ball and roll together; not two-tyred; God’s the third
If I were smeagle, you will be my precious
Make me Lord of your ring; I’ll be king; you’ll be my crown
I don’t mind turning to the hulk to protect you from the orcs
If only you’d make me your Iron-man; yes! The male of your “Fe”
I’m in love with you buddy like sey I don chop “efo”
You no be “the lie lie”; I no go mind chop apple for your lap top
Abeg, chop ebelebo, make you carry my belle ball
Make pikin spice things like curry; make time still jolly the gbedu
Help me boo Harry away ‘cos he’s made life hard to get you
My patience in life really deserves some good luck
Please be the kiss of my luck; open wide your heart’s door
Not in love with just SOMEBODY; I’m in love with YOUR BODY
*Fe: symbol for IRON in chemistry
*orcs: enemy creatures in Lord of the rings
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