ONE-TENTH – Love in this one tent called Christ

Spiritual ex-convict; extra-ordinary convictions
He transformed my chemistry; now I house God in my physique
Christ solved the equation without seeking tithe-rations
He sowed a seed to pH; just the basic solution
Now we’re under one tent, and that tent is Christ
Through him I render offerings; I hashtag one as tenth
Yes! I call it one-tenth; graced and unlured by the law
With great altitude of gratitude; perfect love is my altitude
Before the “pay tithe or not”, don’t be too broke to pay attention
Don’t just TWEET attacks from afar, first; FOLLOW me closely
The welfare of the needy as well as the full time minister,
And to push ministry forward are some main needs of tithing
There’s law of giving and receiving; yet I don’t give to receive
I’m so into sowing, not reaping; yet I reap what I sow
The fact that life is tight is not hinged on unpaid tithe
Yet, the fact that you tithe attracts its own reaping effects
You say tithe’s for the bond age; that you are in the new age
Why not call it the love age; the age of giving more in love
The Spirit of the new age, isn’t stingy; Love-giver
Love should make us give more without force from the law-giver
I believe in tithe as a special kind of offering
You don't believe in tithe; but it's great you believe in offering
Your offering's not up to one-tenth; is that what the Spirit approves?
Your offering is more than one-tenth; still like my tithe, and then plus "offerings"
One tenth or not; God’s one-tent’s for cheerful givers
Law of giving and receiving; untrained by law, we got the Spirit
Now we tie it to the Spirit; the Spirit of giving
God "loves" a cheerful giver; place this cheer on offering's table
*pH: Provide Help
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