poetry; PERFECT CREATION – Her hot laps; my cool abs; both from God’s creative lab

Angelic creation; beauty is her hash tag
Now that I’ve been dazed by the blaze of her swags
Kudos to the creator; if I were, 'hin reach to brag'
God made her hot so that I’ll be her fan
Ebony Queen; black is beautiful
Her heart’s a home; which is ever beauty full
Beauty without B-U-T; not talking beauty fool
Belle ‘dey sweet me’ when I see her even pass when I ‘chop fufu’
I’m sick with the boss flow ‘cos she keeps driving me crazy
Modelled perfect to the letter; not talking A to Z
God’s creation carved from bone; she’s simply amazing
I hope she’d call me Mr. Bones and laugh to my STUPID jokes
A boo thick for boutiques without the pose of gimmicks
Fantastic and classic; beautiful to the peak
Her unique physique conjures my chemistry of lyrics
Now my source of vitality; so I call her my peak milk
I often pray to God not to ever get dribbled
By the only one my heart calls the real boo
‘Cos if I were Adam, then she’s the rib wooed
She fits me perfectly; I call her my slim fit
Slay queens without direction; what they follow is a free car
But this one is different; my number one in Africa
As I’m kinging in my little way, I really hope I freak her
True love is her free care; may my prior-pose win her yes
God created her this awesome; I still ask myself “how?”
Spotless, she rocks natural freshness in an endless hour
Speechless, I’m stuck in nocturnal fantasy dawned off by awe
Hmn! Her hot laps; my cool abs; both from God’s creative lab
Entertaining and enticing when we read the word play
But I’m talking of the bliss of having the world play
Having the world transform from a violent house to a loving home
With only words that heals the world; not the voice that stirs divorce.
Photo Credits: Selenada (DevianArt)

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  1. The boss has dropped it hot again
    Lovely lines bro

    1. Thanks baba.....based on sey I gats rep all of us wey dey bear "samuel na" hehehe

  2. Hey baba....
    I need to rehearse this lines for my bae
    As its important for me to make hay
    Lest I see the end of the day

    1. heheheheheheheheh....oya rehearse am fast fast ooo....make your bae heart for blush small....lol

  3. Nice one bro, 'Her unique physique conjures my chemistry of lyrics'