ALPHA AND OMEGA - from A to z; beginning to end

God is my number one, so I call him the Alpha (α)
I am next to Omega; more than good, call me better (β)
Favour agrees with me; nods its head like Agama (γ)
Outlet of living water; you can call me the delta (δ)

Not by power or by might; Jehovah's help's still on (ε)
Scaling hurdles from A; soon I'll get to Z; hater (ζ)
NEPA no fit off my light; no fit stop my shine either (η)
So stop wasting try-angles finding my fall like it's sine theta (θ)
No iota of doubt in the heart of my aorta (ι)
Confident in my God, my head raises my cap high (κ)
'Fellowship with Christ the head sheep; for short, call him lamb-da (λ)
I am the lion so like cats, all they do is just meow (μ)
Old things passed away; all things have become new (ν)
We are now sons of God; talking both he and the she (ξ)
I remain a loyal Royal as I put on my crown (ο)
My manner to God's manna is beyond eating of pie (π)
Held high by God's column, I've been successful in a row (ρ)
Grace gives the signal not to accept stigma for sigma (σ, ς)
Death shut, I'm a hot shot; in short sin gone with headshot; taow (τ)
The Spirit is my seal; Satan tried but oops; seal on (υ)
Some real tyres could retire but I refire with real fire (φ)
Sometimes I'm almost goofing, then grace shouts out so loud, "Kai" (χ)
Brings me back on track to Yaweh's way; my one true sire (ψ)
For, he's not just the Alphabet, He is the Omega (ω)

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RAGS TO BRAGS: campaigns; grace does the rigging, even makes satan vote you

A testifier tasting fire; drunk in the holy ghost
Testimony is tasting money; riches with no leaches
Grass to weed was the story, but now it's grace to glory
Rags to brags, sags to swags, scars to stars, zeros to heroes

Unpaid debt gained more interest till Love's depth caught my interest
As I tire for my attire; no God's breath like a flat tire;
Till God turned me his real tyre, so now I can't retire,
There where things God had to bring down; if not I for don give up
Calculated like an 'alufa', how far the Alpha was
Though I don't do star wars, I thought 'twas where the star wars
Calculated the length and it took my breath away
The distance looked mega but was just a breath away
The sun shines from afar but God's son is ever near
The distance always looks  open but the Lord is ever close
Baba don open the door but some people still dey dull
God's love is the bunch of kiss that gives me edge over life's luck
The stance of eternity; divinity infinity
Learnt this stance from the sum, of God's breath minus lent
Life's length; God's breath; I'm talking length times breath
Where the area of Mercy divides this mere sea that's red
Holy ghost joy resides in me to preside over life
Rather than there, God is here; dare him with prayers and he'll hear
God campaigns; grace does the rigging, even makes satan vote you
For with God Impossible will pause to say I'm possible

*Alufa : Yoruba version of Islamic priest
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THE TIME OF PAUSE CALLED NIGHT - still got pulse; I'm just resting

Let's say punctuation has a trophy called apostrophe
Catarrh has a trophy called the catastrophe
The pulse of hope got trophy called the a paused trophy
The bottle's fate, the liquid's faith; drink it rather than 'trophy'

Taking thorns in turns from tons of torn circumstances
In short shot shut into a hot hut called the hurt of halt
Makes you think Alpha is so mega distance away
But calculating the length, he's just a breath away

Got a friend in Jesus, talk to him in prayer
Sometimes we're sick of what we seek 'cos we forget to ask
Tough times don't last but tough teams do
Team up with the Holy Spirit that resides inside of you
The world calls it darkness, but I call it night
While the world sees no solvent, I rest on solution
The world may slip in fear but I sleep and rest on faith
Night is meant for rest; peaceful rest, my divine fate
A paused trophy between (I) and (M)iracle
Shows a trophy exists, call for it and wait for it
Impossible denies it's existence by saying (I'm) possible
Even when the miracle seems to say I'm pause-able
Holy Ghost fire flaked, my glory isn't faked
Holy Ghost life scripted, my story is divine
Darkness is void of light but the Spirit is my light
So I know not darkness, only a time of rest called night
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WEATHER FOR TWO - hoh baby! Oya na; hoh baby

Hoh baby! Oya, ehen-ehen; Hoh baby! 🎤🎼🎵🎶
I for sey make I breeze in, but the breeze don dey too much
Just blow me the kiss make my heart for dey blush
My lips are padlocked but can be opened with a kiss

This horny cold disturbing hot honey
Cold code she too hot to be left alone
So cold show himself cos she is home alone;
If no be sey hin late, 'for stroll come with chocolate'

Only u pass one bae; two in one like bae-bae
Before me is shy but now wan buy you mishille
You wan play with teddy bear? I get teddy and the beard
Or na the boutique you like? It's all yours, thick boo
In this cold weather, make I be your main sweater
To hug you like skin-tight like sey na body hug
So dat cold no go para for your temperature; hottie;
As the tea hot and sweet just for you my sweetie
You talk sey make I come, God no go like am if I cum
The world says weather for two, the word says weather for one
Marriage validates the oneness, no matter the weather
That's when you cuddle over life's hurdle, forever together.
poetry #7; #samkleezy; @kleezypen
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AFRICAN QUEEN - wife material series; black is beautiful.

Endowed with the swagger that keeps pulling the trigger
Of sensual linger, like the love song of a singer
Sparkling the ginger, to place the ring on her finger
Makes me high than ganger, to chase her like power rangers

Her banger soup na the "banga", wey dey always kill my hunger
Her words like drums of conga; hin dey always calm my anger
Her love deep pass konga; none other makes smiles longer
MC. Shakara for yanga; wedding Ankara dey hanger

Black beauty like soot, like sey na natural black suit
African Queen to the root; her gun is love when she shoots
Monocoloured skin; smooth with a cuteness that soothes
Hot and cool from head to foot; fertile brain with wisdom fruits
She's the sole music, so generic for the soul
Though you try to piss her off, she tends to peace you on
She dey cause gbege and gombe to piante without delay
I'll take her to my mummy, so that soon she'll turn the mummy.
*banga: main stuff
*Konga: well (for water)
*Shakara/yanga: show off
*Gbege/gombe: trouble
*Piante: runaway
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THE GOD-RACE: beyond the white or black race, it's a core Lord race

Sin was the challenge facing me like a hurdle
Making death gnash it's teeth trying to eat me like the noodle
God's love kept calling, I tell am leave me, e don do
The deceitfulness of sin made me avoid God's cuddle

My book of acts shunned 'cos I neglected Christ the tent shown,
From the tension of detention, no attention but a tenth shun
Grace was the sea of cure; only in grace can you see cure
That secures till tomorrow and through eternity's marrow

Wasn't a Jew but juiced up, the law got my strength used up
God banked on me but let down, the law got my strength crushed down
To steal it, and kill it; destroy it; till God did it and healed it; restored it
I feel it, I'm in it; it's called grace; I'm in it, the new race; the God-race
Circumstance come with kongfu; still dey try to confuse me
Challenges come like Bruce-Lee; still dey try to bruise me
Even brethren come like Ben-ten; all dey do is try to bend me
And discourage this courage like it's the core age of diss rage
Yes! Sin did seduce me, eventually reduced me
I deduce to abuse, me so death could acuse me
Grace was what excused me; This grace still dey amuse me
Satan no fit re-use me, 'cos na God now dey use me
No more talking white or black race but the core-Lord race
Crossed the line of human race into the field of the God-race
Where I live greased with ease cos it's a race found on grace
One blood of Christ; alive in the Holy Ghost.
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MY PRAISE IS OVERDUE - now they mistake it for craze

I tried  all the short cuts yet the glory was stil cut short
Till Christ focused on the detail to make me no more the tail
Now a knight of the word, I'm a light in the world
Still in God's choir yet; I shine not to be quiet

My praise is overdue to Jehovah overdo
My Jehovah Come and Do, number one commando
E no need takwando to be Jehova talk and do
Shawama Jehovah Sharma make me sweet pass shawama

I got an Abba father who is not an Aba made
I no need any godfather 'cos I got God-the-father
Awesome God not for some; awesome for the All-sum
My tea God the almighty; not a smoker but the Most high
I no come from Aso-Rock but you see, I so rock
Infact test me with money, I am a testimony
"Moris Greene" run out of money but Jesus is my G-source
Wealth in health and perfect stealth 'cos I got the God-breath
Sleep with my running shoes clean, always chasing my dream
Barrier no fit stop my career; I'm a HOLYGHOST carrier
Jesus don bid me Godspeed with a HOLYGHOST speed
Left behind annoying things now to flow with the ANOINTING.
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I am resolved to:
Be restuffed by real stuff till the served is what I deserve
Get the ill-solved really solved till dissolved to be the solved
Be the needed solution to humanity's soul illusion
Be a Resolute real solute on whom rests solutions

I am resolved to:
Be a motion of emotion untrapped in stagnating emulsion
Make my new year resolutions become year long real solutions
Be a universal solvent to all the dry soul vents
Have faith in the fate of who don't give in to soul-loot

I am resolved to:
Strike off illusions that rub me with ill-lotions
Scrape of black soot with sooth in white suits that soothe
Salute soldiers who haven't sold their rights left, to sirs that loot
Hail notions that heal nations with the ovation-aviation

Photo credit: +J.M. L
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WOO MAN - but not at the expense of losing yourself; ["When we accept that life's not a competition, you'd enjoy it better. Be authentic, be creative, be different, be you" ~ Idara]

Awele never marry but dey Waylay with romance
Like sey na book of Romans read to keep her guy's attention
She been get fine hairstyle and plenty swags for her style
Until Esther start to bleach to get Bobo's love established
Adora carry hip up to attract this hih-hop singer
'Cos that was his demand to make him adore her
Dolapo no dull the runs based on sey she don see dollar
Even Funke's forming funky dey compete Judith tó ñ jùdí

Your name na Miss patience, but no time to Wait for good luck
Edith don edit her love; don forget Harry her boo
You stop to colobi Obi because Femi don dey famous
Note; not all Muhammed's are Prophets, some are lying Muhammeds
Some will campaign love to you but change when they're president of your heart
Sey your name na Lizzy no mean you rhyme with Mr. Lazy
Sey your name na Bisi no mean you match with Mr. Busy
Mr. Wizzy meet Miss Effizy no mean sey life go easy
If not the perfect match, then the match stick fit burn you
Don't marry fame or time, not even money but a person
Marriage no be competition; in life, don't compare tuition
E good for woman to woo man but not at the expense of losing herself
Life's full of persons and you're one of them; unique
There's no one like you; you are superior; original
You become inferior when you choose to be; fake
Someone else; photocopy; rather than who you're to be; authentic

*tó ñ jùdí - that advertises her bum
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God's blessings rain on me so I can never be dry
Poverty try me; e don die; riches of Grace so alive
Poverty mo ti gbéra; má lo ròpé you go see me lera
God dey run things for me; I no fit run out of money

No grenade on my mind, still, you blow my mind away
I never chop Akara bomb, yet you blow me up like this
Èjè Jésù ló wè mí this one no be dirty Money
I don spend ó ti rèmí This one na plenty money
I don't do dirty money; been washed of water by the word
You talking blood money; the blood of Jesus ni mo ní
You into 4-1-9, I got Philippians 4-1-9
My number one business partner? that's the Holy Ghost's part na
Dem been call you son of carpenter; now you make me hammer
Love so timely like time bomb; I don blow now I nail the money
You blow me up with grace, now so lifted high like "blomblom"
Pushed high by graceful riches into true endless reaches.
Perfect health in wealth; Christ is the Genesis;
Nine digits still counting wealth from the book of numbers
Can't be pauper when God's papa, says Philippians-four-nineteen
My impact remains intact through insights from revelation

*mo ti gbéra; má lo ròpé - I have taken off; don't ever think
*Èjè Jésù ló wè mí - It's Jesus blood that bathe me
*lera - later
*ó ti rèmí - I'm tired of spending
*Blomblom - balloon
*ni mo ní - is what I got
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HAPPY NEW YEAR - let us stop just counting years and let the years start counting

The new has begun for the old to be gone
Race off from bygones like bullets shot from the gun
Makes the gun the gone, for a mission yet undone
Another new dawn era to be the Don in Love's camera

Ain't yapping empty yarns; hope the earth is alert
We have been counting years but let the years start to count now
The new air tells of love that should make the whole world glow
We have been counting years but let the years start to count now
Hope I got your listening ear for this wisdom that I share
I got targets to spear and no free time to spare
New journey starts here; and for sure I know I'll get there
So I'll stand firm with cheer, till I sit on the king chair
Last year is over; it's gone too forever
By the grace of Jehovah, we have crossed over
Don't get under; take over, be a happy life lover
Backward never, forward ever; just flow like a river
Old year gives way for new; yeah! I'm glad that I knew her
The old year now an ex; though I'm glad that I knew her
The old year ain't here; should be grateful that we knew her
A hearty wave to the old year as I launch to waves of new year
Glad to say a happy new year; Certain we are all new here
It's all about the new air; It's all about the new here
A Crate full of new air, saturating the new year
May the greatness in you yell for the best of the new; yeah!
As new commers to the new year, don't keep old commas from last year
Got to embrace the new year with an "I love you my dear"
And the way that I see her, her end is also near;
Don't dwell on errors from last year if the new Eros got to last here
Not about counting years, we got to make the years count;
Do small things with great love for the best is yet to be,
That love may light our days as laughter warms our hearts,
Leave the past, Live the moment and laugh daily to the future
Farewell to the past year for the welfare of the new year
Forget about the past year; and press on that new gear
Drive your goals without fear beyond where Eagles dare
Like a boss that is rare and not a bus in the rear
Either life's a piece of cake or a frustrating earthquake
Stomach cake or stomach ache, it's all about your make
Still sleeping or awake? The real you or the fake?
The old has hit the brakes; it's your new dawn break
We have been counting years but let the years start to count now
Create more share buttons for the love you got the spread
Hate will only kill us, only love can heal us
The world can be a better place; it begins with you and me.
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