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I am resolved to:
Be restuffed by real stuff till the served is what I deserve
Get the ill-solved really solved till dissolved to be the solved
Be the needed solution to humanity's soul illusion
Be a Resolute real solute on whom rests solutions

I am resolved to:
Be a motion of emotion untrapped in stagnating emulsion
Make my new year resolutions become year long real solutions
Be a universal solvent to all the dry soul vents
Have faith in the fate of who don't give in to soul-loot

I am resolved to:
Strike off illusions that rub me with ill-lotions
Scrape of black soot with sooth in white suits that soothe
Salute soldiers who haven't sold their rights left, to sirs that loot
Hail notions that heal nations with the ovation-aviation

Photo credit: +J.M. L
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