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MY PRAISE IS OVERDUE - now they mistake it for craze

I tried  all the short cuts yet the glory was stil cut short
Till Christ focused on the detail to make me no more the tail
Now a knight of the word, I'm a light in the world
Still in God's choir yet; I shine not to be quiet

My praise is overdue to Jehovah overdo
My Jehovah Come and Do, number one commando
E no need takwando to be Jehova talk and do
Shawama Jehovah Sharma make me sweet pass shawama

I got an Abba father who is not an Aba made
I no need any godfather 'cos I got God-the-father
Awesome God not for some; awesome for the All-sum
My tea God the almighty; not a smoker but the Most high
I no come from Aso-Rock but you see, I so rock
Infact test me with money, I am a testimony
"Moris Greene" run out of money but Jesus is my G-source
Wealth in health and perfect stealth 'cos I got the God-breath
Sleep with my running shoes clean, always chasing my dream
Barrier no fit stop my career; I'm a HOLYGHOST carrier
Jesus don bid me Godspeed with a HOLYGHOST speed
Left behind annoying things now to flow with the ANOINTING.
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