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WEATHER FOR TWO - hoh baby! Oya na; hoh baby

Hoh baby! Oya, ehen-ehen; Hoh baby! 🎀🎼🎡🎢
I for sey make I breeze in, but the breeze don dey too much
Just blow me the kiss make my heart for dey blush
My lips are padlocked but can be opened with a kiss

This horny cold disturbing hot honey
Cold code she too hot to be left alone
So cold show himself cos she is home alone;
If no be sey hin late, 'for stroll come with chocolate'

Only u pass one bae; two in one like bae-bae
Before me is shy but now wan buy you mishille
You wan play with teddy bear? I get teddy and the beard
Or na the boutique you like? It's all yours, thick boo
In this cold weather, make I be your main sweater
To hug you like skin-tight like sey na body hug
So dat cold no go para for your temperature; hottie;
As the tea hot and sweet just for you my sweetie
You talk sey make I come, God no go like am if I cum
The world says weather for two, the word says weather for one
Marriage validates the oneness, no matter the weather
That's when you cuddle over life's hurdle, forever together.
poetry #7; #samkleezy; @kleezypen
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  1. It's a nice one. Weather for two. The truth like you said is that Cold would show itself when she is home alone really.

  2. Lol....na so, your comment is very well appreciated, unknown is showing in place of your name, I really wish I could identify who the first comment is coming from πŸ˜‰

  3. Weather for two belle for one😁

  4. Marriage validates the oneness, no matter the weather

    1. Wà Ñ shere....Antai mi... thanks o jere 😁 😁😁

  5. Marriage validates the oneness no matter the weather. Beautiful piece