AMEBO - Rather than spreading rumour, God's pull is in my humour

Kicked up and down by latest gist, as if I'm a ball
Your share button pass social media; award winning amebo
Minister of information, na you be tatafo
Not listening to lies is important; not spreading it is importanter

No dey slow like ijapa when you suppose don japa
You don't need to buy the beef when you can wave it bye
You don't need to sip the gull when they bring you the gossip
Don't abandon your worship when they ship you the war
They drop steaks down on purpose to ensure there is a ground beef
Can't iron things out with them, Dem go still bend like kpomo
From afar you just see sugar 'cos they hide the cane behind
They're sharp pencils writing pain; but God's peace is your eraser
Don't be deceived by their goatis; they won't mind making you scapegoat
Don't meet up with their malice when they throw you their beef
Their way no straight like crayfish; Dem be wolves in sheep clothing
Dem go try to dey bone you once you don fish Dem out
Dry bones shall rise again; like Lazarus, oya gbe body eh
When they bring you the bad news, don't wait to hear; gbera
They show like Ninja tortoise but their speed be like tortoise's
You pity them for their tears not knowing they're crocodiles
Spread the word like bedspread, yap and rap for the Lord
Tie the word like wrapper, based on the Spirit filled rapper
Standing fan of the gospel circulating the good news
Rather than spreading rumour, God's pull is in my humour

*Amebo: gossip
*Tatafo: gossip
*Importanter: more important
*Ijapa: tortoise
Japa: run
*Kpomo: beef
*Gbera: take off

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