NEW DAWN ERA - My goggle is spiritual, searching deeper things than google

My YouTube is heavenly showing Jesus is for you too
Got endless freedom in zoa, can't be caged like in a zoo
Celebrity in divinity celebrated by humanity
It is my new Dawn era; mo ti gbé body, mo ti gbéra

My goggle is spiritual, searching deeper things than Google
Like sey my name na Mark, got my eyes on the Mark
George of the jungle wan ambush me like I'm George bush
But I see pass Cecilia; can't waylay me like Awele
So obvious on Facebook that the book I face is the spoken word
So I yap on, like a rapper; tie the word like a wrapper
The Word of God is my sword, so I slay on, like a king
I gaze at my pen like pengaze and tweet the word like I'm tweeter
Follow me on Instagram, outstar them in kilograms
I'm a giant tí ò kií ñ jáyà; the champion wey dey para
Mo ti come online báyìí; got connections than Godfathers
I'm more connected than internet 'cos I got God the Father
Mo lénu bíi kettle; God's word in m dey boil o
My body is stainless; sickness can't stain me with boil o
Mi ò lórùn bíi giraffe, sùgbón mo ni ólórun
'been lifted so high 'cos Jesus is now my high heels
*mo ti gbé body, mo ti gbéra: I have taken off
*tí ò kií ñ jáyà: that fears not
*para: significant
*Mo ti come online báyìí: I'm back in the game, right now
*Mo lénu bíi kettle: Influencial with words
*Mi ò lórùn bíi: my neck ain't as long as
*sùgbón mo ni ólórun: but I got the Lord

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