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[poetry] PERSPECTIVE We perspire in perspectives; things aren't what they seem

You see me holding hammer no mean sey I must hammer
Not all carpenters hit the nail on the head, some beat about the bush
Sey you swallow time bomb no mean sey na you go first blow
I sing pass Shatawale no mean sey pepper don reach house

Getting a collar from God the caller no be by to dey bear Kola
Dope like coke, medicinal like kola; yet, not Coca-Cola together
I see pass Cecilia no mean sey I for don see road earlier
You sleep with running shoes no mean sey na you chase your dream pass
Student dey chop sugarcane no mean sey him like to dey chop cane
My name na Awele no mean sey life must waylay me
Say my name na calendar no mean sey I be car lender
Dem call me carpenter no mean sey I fit claim car painter
You be rich man for Nollywood no mean sey you rich for real life
Upon the many repairers, we still dey hear breaking news
You too tall pass your tutor but no fit peep into hin future
I get the right to iron kpomo no mean sey hin go straight
Opolo eye no be open eye no mean sey hin gats to close am
Your name na job no mean sey employer go give you the job
You get the right to vote no mean your vote no fit dey left out
We perspire in perspectives; things aren't what they seem
Poetry #30; @kleezypen; #samkleezy; www.pengaze.com

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