TRUST JEHOVAH JARE - the one called Jehovah Jireh

I'm a pilgrim in this world travelling on the word
I ball here on earth because heaven is my goal
Though challenges come striking, remain a goal keeper
If life tries to play you then tackle it like a coach

Yes I'm seeking the kindgdom; can't be sick in other things
I got the currency of faith; 'Can't be last to order things
I place the kindgdom of God first, 'can't be last in other things
As I dey trust and obey, life too, obeys my thrust
Can't be mourning lack of money; My morning is full of money
No be by grind non stop; na grace dey make pepper to blend
Enough dough for daily bread; you sef trust Jehovah jare
Nothing he can't provide; He is called Jehovah Jireh
Christ is the head ship that I worship despite warships
'Always seeking the head; 'can't be sick in the head
I got the tales of success; success always tails me
Fellow sheep in the herd; 'fellowship with the head
Off curse to be on course; Ts crossed on the cross
Ice melted, eyes open; Is dotted; book noted
Versed in grace as my chapter; Satan vexed at my laughter
I'm what I am says I am; it is finished as God run am
Never throw away your worship when life attacks with it's warship
Never ever lose your cheer, man! Jehovah is your chairman
When men say it's over, that's when God takes over mhen
And When you are down to nothing, God is always up to something

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