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VALENTINE - Before we free tomorrow, our marriage must be the gbam

Couldn't think off her all day, so I woke up thinking of her
Would we call this a day dream; right now my feet is slipping
So if I fall I'm falling in love; If I stand, I'm standing for love
If I walk I'm walking in love, if I run certain not from love

I feel at home with you; without you, I feel at work,
Na today be valentine but man still dey do valley work
Working to the top for you so 'twill turn the hill walk
To make the downtime heal, and raise love's hope like high heel
Touch of red na red account no mean I no go see your white teeth
There's no need mourning love even if money no dey
Sure, ain't just the wedding night; there's got to be love in the morning
Any soup wey sweet, for sure, na money kill am
The way your glow dey bounce don make me fall yakata
Not about the biggy backs; my belle flexi your jollof
I'm bumpa to my bonus; formula to jolific8
Twin bash to win; fond of fund for fun
Generation wey dey glow our Shine is Infinito
Before we free tomorrow, our marriage must be the gbam
I got the Fastest finger; will put the ring on your finger
Until your finger glow with pride; this one pass glow recharge
Poetry #26; @kleezyppen; #samkleezy; www.pengaze.com

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1 comment:

  1. Always turning my head with ur rhymes. Keep up the good work, brother.