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VALENTINE (part 3) Eros na sweet love no mean hin no fit cause bitter errors

Girl wey like 2pack fit no like six packs but six cars
Don't be pressured to Date her if you no get Xtra Data
Don't need to bathe him in a sex sea to show you are sexy
Don't bathe in dirty money in a bid to sugar the tea

Sey Esther bleach, no mean sey she don dey establish
She fit play with my teddy and beards no mean sey hin turn her teddy bear
Sey I don wear body hug no mean her hug no go fit my body
Sey she be your bad girl no mean she no be good girl again
Sey she get big butts no mean small buts no go dey
Sey pikin dey call her mother no mean she no fit murder love
To Sabi woo man no be by to just dey bear woman
To Sabi woman no be by to woo but keep am
I Sabi the book of Romans no mean sey I Sabi romance
Sey you like Beyoncé no mean her name don turn Feyoncé
Eros na sweet love no mean hin no fit cause bitter errors
Valentine don knack no mean sey time don knack to begin knack
Sey I on my hotspot no mean sey make you on your WIFI
Na chitchat dey enter cheat-chart; "fail world" fit be password
I no need talk sentence for you to know hin don pass word
Sey dem cum and go no mean sey dem wan go and come
Poetry #28; @kleezypen; #samkleezy; www.pengaze.com

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