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PRAY WITHOUT CEASING - Prayer is so key, so I always got a bunch

When blessings wan dey pòsi, some people dey já sínu pósí
When blessings suppose dey jási, Goliath wan form Don jazi
Hardwork! 'busy pass Miss Bisi, but life no call you Mr. Eazy
Upon the paparazzi, life chop you like bobozzi

Ó yé kí olá mii ti dé, but Prince of partial ti yapa
Mo káná-mo káná, mo ràbàbà é, gbogbo Prince of Persia jápa
By faith mo lè bé, mo sì to gbéra, mi ò kán lésè, mi ò kán lápá
I can o-I can o, can do all things eh; ayé mi to wàpa, owó ni mo wápa
Prayer is so key, so I always got a bunch
Prayer helps to open more doors with the kiss of grace
No more empty Calabash, they've all been filled with kabashing
The strong holds of lack is part of what I am bashing
Kàkà kí n gbà fólórun, I go always gba àdúrà
Wón ní kí n gba kámú; no way! Prayer is my akàmù
As hin dey hot I dey sip am; hin no get day wey I fit skip am
Holy ghost tongues of fire; as in, mo ti gba iná
I pray without ceasing; you can feel it in my spirit
'Cough out the word through prayer; puff in Spirit to rule my world
Satan may prey hard but me sef no dey pray soft
Men ought always to pray mhen; and not to faint.
*pòsi: plenty
*já sínu pósí: die
*jási: happen
*Don jazi: boss
*bobozzi: soaked cassava
*Ó yé kí olá mii ti dé: my riches should have arrived
*ti yapa: have increased
*Mo káná-mo káná, mo ràbàbà é: I noticed-I noticed, and so I prayed
*gbogbo: all
*jápa: runaway
*mo lè bé, mo sì to gbéra: I can jump, I have leaped
*Mi ò kán lésè, mi ò kán lápá: I didn't break my leg, nor my arm
*ayé mi to wàpa, owó ni mo wápa: my life is okay, I got to make money
*kabashing: praying
*Kàkà kí n gbà fólórun, I go always gba àdúrà: rather than give up, I'll pray
*Wón ní kí n gba kámú: I was told to give up
*akàmù: pap

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NEW DAWN ERA - My goggle is spiritual, searching deeper things than google

My YouTube is heavenly showing Jesus is for you too
Got endless freedom in zoa, can't be caged like in a zoo
Celebrity in divinity celebrated by humanity
It is my new Dawn era; mo ti gbé body, mo ti gbéra

My goggle is spiritual, searching deeper things than Google
Like sey my name na Mark, got my eyes on the Mark
George of the jungle wan ambush me like I'm George bush
But I see pass Cecilia; can't waylay me like Awele
So obvious on Facebook that the book I face is the spoken word
So I yap on, like a rapper; tie the word like a wrapper
The Word of God is my sword, so I slay on, like a king
I gaze at my pen like pengaze and tweet the word like I'm tweeter
Follow me on Instagram, outstar them in kilograms
I'm a giant tí ò kií ñ jáyà; the champion wey dey para
Mo ti come online báyìí; got connections than Godfathers
I'm more connected than internet 'cos I got God the Father
Mo lénu bíi kettle; God's word in m dey boil o
My body is stainless; sickness can't stain me with boil o
Mi ò lórùn bíi giraffe, sùgbón mo ni ólórun
'been lifted so high 'cos Jesus is now my high heels
*mo ti gbé body, mo ti gbéra: I have taken off
*pengaze: www.pengaze.com
*tí ò kií ñ jáyà: that fears not
*para: significant
*Mo ti come online báyìí: I'm back in the game, right now
*Mo lénu bíi kettle: Influencial with words
*Mi ò lórùn bíi: my neck ain't as long as
*sùgbón mo ni ólórun: but I got the Lord

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TIME FOR MY LIGHT TO SHINE - even NEPA cannot stop me

God's light is 'luminating, that's what I'm laminating
Time for my light to shine; even NEPA cannot stop me
God's son's my solar panel in the light of the word
So I'm unrivalled by the sun; I'm the light in the world

I am the light in darkness; so heavy in light
I pull weight in this world 'cos I wait on God's word
For the life I'm generating, the word's my generator
Dem call me torch bearer; electrify lives I touch
No dark occupies my space 'cos I matter in the light
Jesus bore all the weight for me to bless fellow masses
To show them your way, Yaweh, out of every trouble;
My city is electric; shock you with shining solutions
No be me be glo with pride but I glow and I dey shine
I give God all the credit based on my line na hin mobile so
As grace covers my empty earn, the air tells of all my shine
The earth is  alert  at the raise of my shine
God switch me on like globe, now my shine is global
New wick to my lamp; 'ain't weak in my shine
I can do more than the candle, darkness knows that I shine
I'm certified to satisfy God by letting this light shine

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AMEBO - Rather than spreading rumour, God's pull is in my humour

Kicked up and down by latest gist, as if I'm a ball
Your share button pass social media; award winning amebo
Minister of information, na you be tatafo
Not listening to lies is important; not spreading it is importanter

No dey slow like ijapa when you suppose don japa
You don't need to buy the beef when you can wave it bye
You don't need to sip the gull when they bring you the gossip
Don't abandon your worship when they ship you the war
They drop steaks down on purpose to ensure there is a ground beef
Can't iron things out with them, Dem go still bend like kpomo
From afar you just see sugar 'cos they hide the cane behind
They're sharp pencils writing pain; but God's peace is your eraser
Don't be deceived by their goatis; they won't mind making you scapegoat
Don't meet up with their malice when they throw you their beef
Their way no straight like crayfish; Dem be wolves in sheep clothing
Dem go try to dey bone you once you don fish Dem out
Dry bones shall rise again; like Lazarus, oya gbe body eh
When they bring you the bad news, don't wait to hear; gbera
They show like Ninja tortoise but their speed be like tortoise's
You pity them for their tears not knowing they're crocodiles
Spread the word like bedspread, yap and rap for the Lord
Tie the word like wrapper, based on the Spirit filled rapper
Standing fan of the gospel circulating the good news
Rather than spreading rumour, God's pull is in my humour

*Amebo: gossip
*Tatafo: gossip
*Importanter: more important
*Ijapa: tortoise
Japa: run
*Kpomo: beef
*Gbera: take off

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TRUST JEHOVAH JARE - the one called Jehovah Jireh

I'm a pilgrim in this world travelling on the word
I ball here on earth because heaven is my goal
Though challenges come striking, remain a goal keeper
If life tries to play you then tackle it like a coach

Yes I'm seeking the kindgdom; can't be sick in other things
I got the currency of faith; 'Can't be last to order things
I place the kindgdom of God first, 'can't be last in other things
As I dey trust and obey, life too, obeys my thrust
Can't be mourning lack of money; My morning is full of money
No be by grind non stop; na grace dey make pepper to blend
Enough dough for daily bread; you sef trust Jehovah jare
Nothing he can't provide; He is called Jehovah Jireh
Christ is the head ship that I worship despite warships
'Always seeking the head; 'can't be sick in the head
I got the tales of success; success always tails me
Fellow sheep in the herd; 'fellowship with the head
Off curse to be on course; Ts crossed on the cross
Ice melted, eyes open; Is dotted; book noted
Versed in grace as my chapter; Satan vexed at my laughter
I'm what I am says I am; it is finished as God run am
Never throw away your worship when life attacks with it's warship
Never ever lose your cheer, man! Jehovah is your chairman
When men say it's over, that's when God takes over mhen
And When you are down to nothing, God is always up to something

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