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Cool Worship

Gospel Rap

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God's light is 'luminating, that's what I'm laminating
Time for my light to shine; even NEPA cannot stop me
God's son's my solar panel in the light of the word
So I'm unrivalled by the sun; I'm the light in the world

I am the light in darkness; so heavy in light
I pull weight in this world 'cos I wait on God's word
For the life I'm generating, the word's my generator
Dem call me torch bearer; electrify lives I touch
No dark occupies my space 'cos I matter in the light
Jesus bore all the weight for me to bless fellow masses
To show them your way, Yaweh, out of every trouble;
My city is electric; shock you with shining solutions
No be me be glo with pride but I glow and I dey shine
I give God all the credit based on my line na hin mobile so
As grace covers my empty earn, the air tells of all my shine
The earth is  alert  at the raise of my shine
God switch me on like globe, now my shine is global
New wick to my lamp; 'ain't weak in my shine
I can do more than the candle, darkness knows that I shine
I'm certified to satisfy God by letting this light shine


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