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Christianity becomes a mere religion to those who refuse to be engrafted into the salvation plan of the most high
Turning from my iniquity in sincerity to embrace God's purity in totality,

I've been sanctified & justified through Christ the crucified because

Salvation's the provision of restoration from transgression since

Calvary ended satan's rivalry and led me from satan's mortuary to Jehovah's sanctuary

Practical repentance brings spiritual elegance of divine importance with amazing radiance through the Sanctification by the Spirit which is an impartation of the Spirit that strengthens our preparation through the spirit for the proclamation of our promised possession in the spirit

Many souls run helter-skelter 'cos they've got no shelter. God's salvation which causes an instant change in the best range is the most glorious shelter from the divine wrath to come. In gratitude to the most high for salvation from the world's pending judgment, I endevour to make my behaviour reflect the flavour of Christ's savour.

The question is:
''How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation.''

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