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Job was one man on the globe that Satan persecuted despite His unstained robe. The brave Joseph gave His best for his crave but was still enslaved in a grave cave. Jabez's bone and marrow was targeted with the arrows of sorrow to finish His tomorrow.
Meshack, Shredrack and Abednego didn't retire from messiah's desire but refired, yet, they were thrown into fire. David was submissive and received God's call to be king but still spent a lot of time as a fugitive.Even Jesus though was God, He was smitten by a rod. Though He was Jesus, He still died on the cross.

He turns every thing around when hope seems lost. Satan obviously has a plan but Jesus has a better plan. (I will look up unto the hills from whence cometh my supernatural help PSALM 121:1).The dreamer boy turned king, Job's latter was greater than his former. Daniel left the lion's den alive.Jesus was slain like a fool but now rules in full. Supernatural help turns everything around.

God specializes in turning zeroes to heroes, scars to stars, impossibilities to possibilities, negativity to positivity, abnormality to normality, nonentities to celebrities, carnality to spirituality, impurity to purity, poverty to prosperity by infusing the identity of divinity into entities of humanity to express the intensity of his work's complexity in creating the simplicity of light out of darkness

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