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Cool Worship

Gospel Rap

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I like my tea hot, so I prayed for a hottie;
I like my tea sweet, so God showed me a sweetie,
No die on her hair though I could die for her,
Little pretty cutie, she’s a queen of beauty


The peace that she bakes is not a piece of cake
She is the green leaf that makes my grin live
She is a fruitful tree with lots of thrill
God did mould her to be more than a model

My boo’s thick enough to own my boutique;
Fantastic classic physique, unique to the peak
She believes she can fly when I work like an ant,
I believe I am high when she walks like a cat

I’m glad to be friends with this girl God befriends,
A hot girl with fans, high without heels;
The pretty one seen on reality’s scene
With outspoken beauty without silent B-U-T

Her unique physique is so peakly classic,
Even fantastic without the boutique effects;
Leaves me little speech, that’s why I’m speechless;
The right spoken words, left words unspoken

She got lots of swags, but she never brags
She’s mastered the times to spice you up like thyme,
Not facially alike with this girl that I like;
But I sight we’re alike when it comes to fore-sight

Hold up of express words by traffic jam on express
‘Cos the duty she expresses can’t be fully expressed
With the beautiful words in vogue in this world,
Unique curves making me cough,” God’s a perfect porter”.

*Boo: someone you admire and love so much
*Hottie: A sexually attractive person
*Sweetie:  A cute nickname a guy uses for a girl he has affection or love for with lust not necessarily involved
*Peakly: derived from the word peak and used here to relate to the top

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