DON'T GIVE UP GIVING YOUR BEST - don't dirty your hands

I don't just keep my fingers crossed to cross the finish line;
I'm addicted to hard work like an ant that's divine,
If success got a price, then paying my dues is fine,
I live life assured that victory is mine

The tea of God for those who stand; don't dirty your hands,
The hard drive makes me work hard as I step on the pedals,
Straight on point without breaks; Got no tire for medals,
God is good is my motto; Baba drives me like a boss

Stop looking at your flaws but the sealing of God's strength,
Not the floor but the ceiling is where to pitch your tent,
Offering your very best; not a tithed one-tenth,
The apex is the place meant for your ascent

You'll jump hurdles of life; you'll ford raging seas,
You'll climb mountains so high; they are all stepping stones,
You're perfectly made to be up to the task,
Nothing can hinder you from your destiny

Forget about the hows; fly with wings like a gem;
Unpolluted by the germ to make your house fly,
Life's burglar may be patient but can't break your good luck,
Focus on the clear path; declare non-stop victory

Our chairman is the God to whom we table all requests,
Yes! He sits on my couch to coach me about life,
Sea wars of Jericho; victory is on shore,
Egypt can't stop your flow when God's promise is for sure.
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THE CREDIBILITY OF AN ALMIGHTY KING - the stupidity of that old dragon drags on till date; spoken word from samkleezy

I wanna talk about the credibility of an almighty king whose humility stretches credulity to the very limit. I mean, he wasn't forced down from above by the force of gravity 'cos gravity couldn't curtail the intensity of his ability during his ascension; hahaha! He authored gravity himself.

This almighty in His capacity has imposed his quality on us and given us the ability and eligibility of partaking in the centrality of his authority as an opportunity to reveal the enormity of his creativity by turning the simplicity of his activity into the complexity of reality, bringing difficulty on Satan's mentality to fathom the authenticity of God's divinity which has been infused into us through a calling, not of passivity but of particularity with his divine purpose to bring out the peculiarity in us and and address life with specificity of divine wisdom through affinity with his Spirit rather than the world.

He left his glorious city in complete humility to face the earth's hostility. He descended to earth in simplicity to ensure the connectivity between humanity and divinity. He came on a course to cause changes; turning impossibility to possibility, negativity to positivity, abnormality to normality, impurity to purity, activity to creativity and nonentity to celebrity.

King  of immortality putting on a body of mortality. He put off immunity to face the devil's brutality, giving the devil the audacity to crucify his creator with alacrity. Oh! Imagine the picture; Satan captured Christ in the photo of pain.

Well, I believe we should all know that the actuality of the activity of our saviour's dexterity over the world's depravity portrayed the superiority of his seniority over Satan's inferiority because the eventuality of the whole technicality clears obscurity to reveal Satan's falsity; capitalizing his cupidity to expound his stupidity.
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I AM GRATEFUL - only a great fool chooses to be ungrateful; part three (03)

I was so unlawful before you showed me your ways
That's why my boastful right lies only in your grace
When my loving you is doubtful, you remain my Ancient Of Days
You're the reason for my gainful life and so I'm grateful

Satan is mournful that I never kicked the bucket
Satan is sorrowful that God blesses my pocket
Life'd be a stressful flight without you as my rocket
My zeal for praise is so youthful that I'm so grateful

The devil used his rifle but I wasn't gunned down
I've been sometimes too playful but your love has never gone down
Despite my willful mind sometimes, You never cast me down
Despite a spiteful world, you have made me grateful

Sometimes neglectful of your will but uphold my hand
Life was painful till you lifted me from sinking sand
My tearful eyes are dried Lord, your wish is my command
Now, the frightful past is gone and I'm grateful

Wishful thoughts without action; harmful spice that spies the human tool
Granted grace not to be slothful but handle the divine mantle
Respectful and not forceful; Your Spirit is so gentle
Ain't forgetful of your love; that's why I'm grateful.
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I AM GRATEFUL - only a great fool chooses to be ungrateful; part two (02)

Your grace is bountiful, so extravagance,
Made my life meaningful and full of fragrance,
I would have been a used fool if not for a second chance,
Your comfort has been so useful that I'm very grateful

You've made my tank full; victory is my portion,
My heart is worship full; oh! The joy of full salvation,
Some call me worship fool in their ignorant confusion,
I'd rather be a fool than choose not to be grateful

Life may be stressful but Satan can never jinx us,
Life has been blissful since the day I married Jesus,
Life has been peaceful, Emmanuel; God with us,
God has been so thoughtful that I am grateful

Life's a fearful game; a game of snakes and ladder,
Despite its dreadful stunts, You have remained my father,
My nature was sinful but from me now, sin is farther,
Life would have been shameful without you to make me grateful

I've never seen a more skillful creator than Jehovah,
A handful of His glory makes my joy run over,
A fistful of His love makes all of my battles over,
He charged my life bar full and has made me so grateful.
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I AM GRATEFUL - only a great fool chooses to be ungrateful; part one (01)

I'm so praise full for the grace I see,
You've been faithful all the time to me,
I'm so thankful you dried my red sea,
You're so merciful and so, I'm grateful

I'm so joyful for your love made plain,
You've been helpful to carry my pain,
Life was awful till I was born again,
You are wonderful and so I'm grateful

You're so mindful of our friendship,
So careful to strengthen our relationship,
I'm always cheerful following your leadership,
I'd be a great fool if I choose not to be grateful

I'm so hopeful in your word all day
Since you're truthful in all that you say,
Always careful to show me your way,
You're beautiful and so I'm grateful

I'm prayerful when it comes to You,
You're graceful in all that you do,
You're full of love and kindness too,
You're powerful and so I'm grateful.
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I was helpless and hopeless till I came across the cross where love was made plain beyond what the sane mind could explain. On that old rugged cross, Christ bore my loss and curse of course to make my life on course. I was a kid that cried over spilled milk but now rejoice over spilled blood; blood that speaks better things than that of Cain's brother, Abel; rings a bell how this lamb was slain in pain without complaints for our gain; yes! A lamb slain to be the lamp leading us back to the father.

Satan the maneuvered circumstances and thought it was all over till Jehovah my deliverer turned it. Hahaha! I'm a believer now; a new creature by divine structure. A fulfillment of scriptures to restructure the picture of my future from whom Satan punctured with torture into a new creature.

The torment I had to endure were raw, drawing me down like okro till I discovered the door to God's store; Jesus, who blotted out my errors to shield me from terror, making it sure for me to reach the sea shore because Jesus with whom I concur is the anchor that secures me to the core no matter what occurs.

I once had my divine treasure out of pressure exchanged for sin's pleasure which filled me to stupor in a measure that made death await my life's ceasure. But wow! I'm glad I met the saviour whose favour transformed the labour I bore into the sweet smelling savour of His presence. In all my life's endeavour, I never experienced such flavour. So great savour; a sweet smelling savour.

A savour founded on my solid rock and saviour. A savour enveloped by God's favour. A sweet smelling savour founded on Christ's divine flavour. On that old rugged cross, his last breath blazed out the phrase,''It is finished.'' which launched me into a new phase of grace. A phase of grace blazing with glory, 'coz I'm a sweet smelling savour with a unique story.
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THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE - wisdom; john 14:6; spoken word performed to freshers by samkleezy

Wisdom is the principal thing; in all your getting, get understanding.

The winsome wisdom from an awesome kingdom brings us wholesome freedom. He is all you need; he is Jesus.

Wonderful and beautiful freshers, you're welcome to the great UNIBEN which some call the incredible den. But then, didn't God deliver Daniel from the lion's den? UNIBEN is a stage; the way you act on it determines if Satan's rage will cage you or not. I will encourage you with my story.

When sadist tried to make me the least, Jesus helped me resist even when they persist. When they tried to push me into the gutter 'nko'? I still utter testimonies. In the well, all is well. Their grave attacks never landed me in the grave. In the pit, I am more fit than kampe. In the hole, I remain whole. In the dark, I bear God's mark. In the sea, I only see grace. In the oven 'nko'? There's always a baked solution. Instead of a shock, I stand on the solid rock of all rocks called the Rock of Ages, to rock my body.

Like Joseph, when in prison, there's a reason. Like Daniel, when I see lions, I'm a champion. Like Jabez, I was born a zero to become a hero. Like Jacob, my ugly scars have turned shining stars. Like Paul I was the sinner that has now turned a winner. Like David, I was anointed as king to always sing. Like Jesus I am God's son brighter than the shining sun.

I know the way many road makers don't know, the truth many lawyers don't know, the life many doctors can't give; he's Jesus. Why not heed to wisdom and surrender your ambition without hesitation to Jesus, the God of your admission and matriculation and be sure that He will take charge of all your examination and education to grant you graduation with convocation and give you a celebration of jubilation that will make others say congratulations to you without confusion.

In conclusion, pay attention; the door to the Father's store is Jesus. Your vision precedes your mission. Your decision gives it direction. In all, Jesus is the foundation of your destination. A destiny without a foundation is a wasted life. Jesus is the wisdom and all you need.

*'fresher': new university intake
*UNIBEN: University of Benin
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Let's say this world were a pot and circumstance is the cooker,
You live in the world and challenges come as fire,
You don't port out of the pot until you're well-done,
When God's the chef, you'll get through just fine

God 'don turn' my mountains fufu, if not, I for 'don enter' hot soup,
Life 'no be' beans but with God's love na sweet potato,
Life 'no be' beans, so allow God to butter your bread;
So that if dem bury you for water, 'you go' still rise pass garri

His grace wipes away my flaw, his love sweeps me off the floor,
His love hits me like a greenade, oh! It blows my mind away,
Showers of grace rain on me, so I can never be dry,
The flow of blessings from God's reign quenches my thirsty desires

Haters meet me to beef me, dem poke nose to chop me,
They had their fishy plan on fire but the Most High smoked them dry,
Your rise go sweet pass magi; na miracle; no be magic,
Your shine go come on time with spicing better than curry

First class citizen; extra sheets of blank cheques,
No real session of recession in my zone the last time I checked,
Baba don package me pass packet shirt; money full my pocket,
The earth is full of death, yet, I never kick the bucket

Come enjoy God's riches; he doesn't bill gates,
God isn't done yet; still cooking up so much stuff,
Though the pot holds the belly, it is God that holds the pot,
The pot's hole is full enough to fill many belly pot holes.

*don turn: has turned (pidgin English)
*don enter: would have entered (pidgin English)
*no be: is not (pidgin English)
*you go:you will (pidgin English)
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RESTORER OF LIFE - JOHN 10: 10; The earth was a tomb of death till Christ turned it a womb of life

The turmoil of earthly passion and mists of gloomy depression,
Dreads of uncertainty in the midway of extremes,
Violence of human ambitions and sublimation of human deception,
In readiness lies anticipation and in anticipation lies salvation

God got your conscience and your conscience got your confidence;
Your confidence is your life; true life resides in Christ,
Conscience is the record of Soul's earthly sojourn,
whatever good or bad is a function of man's free will

Sages say this world is only a market place;
Home is a haven of rest called the sweet heaven palace,
What the hell!! So not all get home after all;
This narrow escape covers none that choose to stick to the broad way

A fool aged by the reign age; living his full age drained,
Like the flow of the gutter which is meant for the drainage,
A fool says in his heart, there is no God,
Resisting God's pull on him; Dodging the gospel power

From the womb of our mum, we were birthed to the earth;
The earth was a tomb of death till Christ turned it a womb of life,
Now it's your choice to be reborn; you can be born again,
We were birthed from womb to the earth; death will launch us to another realm

Like a kid in the womb uncertain of the outside world,
Many live life uncertain of the certain afterlife,
Afterlife of eternity for all that live on the earth,
Better be touched by God's power now and escape the torch of fire 

Your disbelief seems like wisdom; but the future thinks it foolish,
A state of 'had I known' that could be averted by choice,
As simple as A,B,C; just by believing in Christ,
As foolish as it sounds, it's an eternal wisdom

Join over ten of tens to publish John ten ten;
Don't be conditioned by 'if statements' , there's a thief that steals life,
Only one shepherd restores life to connect us back to God;
He's the Jesus that stops the thief who always tries to jinx us.
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PURE HUSTLE - today's busy activity is the foundation for tomorrow

As long as I got muscle, you cannot stop my hustle,
We wrestle before rest to burst through the bustle,
Thus, the tussle from our nozzle isn't meant for loud rustle,
God keeps fueling us with diesel to sizzle and not fizzle

After the painful rupture, there'll be a gainful rapture;
Hardwork featured now to keep the future unpunctured,
The structure of few chores to avert the grid of future torture;
Laziness is a vulture that preys on a dead future

Life's a game of chess not to be played with guess or messed awareness,
Pray for nothing less than God's promises to bless,
You got access to success not just by what you confess
But the faith you profess through your onward press

Left right with the sight of fright to fight with,
The plight of the night sometimes bites off our might,
But we await the bright site of light by holding tight,
Might climb quite a height before black and white turns coloured

The tussling puzzled wrestle in the rustling hustled bustle
Are just few chores for the future featured in life's present structure;
You can bank on the access to success through your onward press,
Don't write off the hope left; right the wrong and never quit.
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TWO ASPECT OF CHRISTIANITY - the revelatory aspect and the demonstrative; titus 2: 11, 12

The Spirit-wielded words to our soul are shielded off under soles
By those Seeking divine feits, yet, place obedience under feet;
Living in the Spirit but take pleasure in the flesh;
Leaving out the Spirit when it's demonstration time

Full of God's message but conformed to the messed age,
Aware we're God's property but dislike His proper tea,
Claiming to be Christ's bride but not acting his wife,
Understanding God's will, yet, still in charge of the wheel

Two sides of Christianity; revelatory and demonstrative,
Victory's been fulfilled in Christ certainly on our behalf,
The price was paid in full but some live as though in half;
Talking folks with no structure to practice the truth revealed from scripture

Believing the vine's revelation but leaving out divine demonstration,
Accepting revelations of grace but rejecting its teaching of Godliness,
Claiming to pay obeisance, yet leaving out obedience,
Got the well of revelation but still dwell off demonstration

You've been separated from the world to live by God's word,
Allow that truth in your head to root deep down in your heart,
You're the tower of the Spirit meant to demonstrate His power,
The Spirit wields words for our soul to solely control our soles

You aren't a candle without light, so, brighten your corner;
You aren't salt without purpose; influence the world with savour,
Your faith lives through Christ to show forth divine works,
The Spirit is planted in you; show forth His fruits to the world.
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GREAT UNIBEN - the University of Benin; UNIBEN UBTH ugbowo/ekenwuan

Matriculation came; we turned the First Year Brethren,
We anticipated the day of transformation to Final Year Brethren,
I learnt Axe men stopped felling trees so I wished to turn a raptured Jew;
Raptured away from school and oppressions of strong men

A mixed multitude of FYBs; talking First and Final Year Brethren,
Call ender dates of exams; had lovely dates with our books,
We were night class booked but the bed came proposing,
Our grumbling bellies joined in the proposal for booker

If your kid needs to bend, UNIBEND is the place;
In case you need stress; UNISTRESS is the palace;
You're looking for the best? Take a tour to UNIBEST,
Den of men like lion king; that's UNIBEN for you

Had special ones in hall one; visited hall two too,
Had my thrill in hall three; hostel struggles all for hall four,
Hi five to hall five; post graduates banked on key stones,
The dreaded EKOSODI; OSASOGIE Be The P.A.

Sweeter than honey those days were the As,
To stir up all the jealous bees that be, like the BB,
Swimming in success SEAS have been the best DEALS,
We never accept the ILLS because hope was our ELF

We lacked GEEZ and belle H; so called on Bros J to make things O.K.,
What the HELL's wrong with MTN; contacting home seems O.P.,
Long Queues at ATM caused by shot ARROWS of recession,
ASUU comes striking defenceless government that don't keep goals

Glory to none ELSE but God, we now drink proper TEA,
Graduation to convocation; CU-NIFES was my S.U.V.,
Singled out to reign; God's blessings DOUBLE for YOU,
God don bless u X-tra, that's Y your breakthrough eaZy.

*CU-NIFES: Christian Union Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students
*P.A.: Personal Assistant
*O.P.: Off Point
*Bros J: Jesus Christ
*belle H: belly's hungry
*booker: eatery
*strong man: cultist
*Jew: moral dude
geez: money

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What a happy day to say a happy birthday;
A glorious day to confirm God's glory yours.
Christ the Living Well will keep you living well
With perfect health in the pool of wealth.

As God's glory keeps on narrating your story
Swim on in life in it's pool of wealth and health
And prosper in things beyond the prosperity term
Happy birthday to the most vibrant celebrant

The EARTH IS ALERT you're a genius
The AIR TELLs me you breathe God's love; his gene's yours
Shining stars and galaxies know that you GLOW
Saying happy birthday to you, not to an EMPTY END

What a glorious day to declare glory yours
Because your Abba father is not an Aba made
The best days to come are housed in wealth and health
The God that made your age new, I pray, blesses your new age

Those who code what's supping know it's time to gredge some cake
Happy birthday to a vibrant celebrant who isn't fake
Wish you peaceful life and prosperity; surplus beyond the usual take
The land on which you tread is surely blessed for your sake

Happy Birthday to a unique star and shining as light.
May long life accompany the life you long for;
Your prosperity will be to prosper in real things
Soar to realms of perfect health baptized in a pool of divine wealth.

In the month of DECEMBER which ends THESE EMBER months
Did a hero come forth to bring comfort to so many
A star with the vibes to heal the scars of many tribes
From the bottom of my heart; happy birthday to you

I pray that God will bleach your sphere of life,
When others are complaining, life will be fair to you,
Enjoy less melanin; pool of wealth and perfect health,
Happy birth day to a star; wish you glorious days ahead.

God has been too good to you pass to they think gulder
Jehovah na your popsi, so celebration must pass pepsi
Some doors that were bottled up have been opened up like seven-up
Happy birthday to this jubilating super star

It's your day; a happy day; the God of glory writes your story
I pray He writes your name, framed on heaven's wall of fame
Drench you in the pool of wealth; pull you into divine wealth
Happy birthday to a gem; may God make you super fly

With the help of God's Arsenal, you will not be a goner
Ball your goals on your dream pitch, dribbling past every gunner
Happy birthday to a special citizen of man's city
Red devils hate man united but can't stop your union with breakthrough

To the celebrant that makes heaven jubilate
Happy birthday; great wealth and health is your fate
May the God before you make crooked places straight
Operate in victory; never cease to celebrate

The God of glory is in charge of your story
He will drive away your worry like a lorry
And kick Satan' furry away from you in a hurry
What a very blessed day to say happy birthday dearie

Happy birthday to a dearie destined by God to be the head,
May you be drenched in the pool of health which sickness dreads,
Live a long life of exploits like you got more than Samson's dreds,
Wish you sweeter life with daily bread and cooler wealth ahead.

Another year wiser; another year older,
In the company of wealth, you are a share holder,
To the store room of wealth, you are a key holder,
Happy birthday; advance stronger and bolder.

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ONE BODY REACHING OUT WITH THE GOSPEL OF SALVATION - grafted into one body of Christ; Romans 10:10

One body of Christ reaching out to everybody,
In the body of Christ, everybody is somebody,
Reaching out to win everybody; leaving out nobody,
Everyone is welcome; Christ's open to anybody

Not words from a mere sage but the living word of God;
The message in this messed age is the same as of old;
Romans ten ten; easy steps to salvation;
Believe in Christ's finished work and confess his Lordship

With the era of guns gone, the Holy ghost is power,
We don't need a pistol to teach them the epistle,
They hit us with their punch; We got good news in the Punch,
They shoot the bullet in; grace fills our bulletin

We got archers called teachers using arrows called the word,
Pastors running past all to lead by example,
Apostles that bustle through the tussle of opposition,
Evangelists with a van geared list, going up position

We don't need a prophet's finger to point us to unity's direction,
We need to stand as one voice to race faster than the Rolls Royce,
One body in Christ; let us harvest souls together,
United we stand, divided we fall

Some random folks of violence can't break our vow lens,
We win those folks through life's door; Christ is the door to God,
Christ is the way, the truth and the life,
Our weapon in this life isn't a knife but peaceful strife.
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EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT – friendship; One of the best feelings ever is finally losing your attachment to someone who isn’t good for you; part two (02)

Don’t be in a relationship if you are going to act single; do not be in a hurry to leave being single; every stage has its own peculiar challenges. He who says he’s leading with no one following is only taking a stroll; so the earlier you define your relationship, the better. If she is responsible for your smiles, then be responsible with her heart. If you expect her to be the Angel in your life, first of all create a heaven for her; angels don’t live in hell. Life’s a stream you can’t afford not to ford. Life’s an ocean capable of drowning dreams; relationship is a loose boat you both board to tighten. Self-preparation serves as bolts not for fashion, but to tighten that loose boat. When two agree to relate in a ship; a journey is the idea; courtship to ship love through the court of vow-lens and not violence.

One of the most difficult bonds to break is emotional attachments. No matter how hard you try, he sees everything wrong in what you do, he explodes in a violent rage that paralyses you with fear, he always makes you feel worthless. Her violent outbursts always hit you with disdain and vile words; she never cares how much she hurts you and will do what it takes to have continual power and control. He has got legendary fists and you being the punching bag is the news headline. You’ve turned prisoner to a monitoring spirit; you can’t make calls, go to work or even visit friends without her knowing where you are the whole time. Well the thing is, no matter how abusive a relationship is, some people find themselves unable to let go of their partner. No matter how deep your emotional attachment is or how difficult you find it to let go, you need to advice yourself to eventually let go. Better still, if you are able to find a couple with one partner being abused, I guess just a chit chat will convince you to act right. Remember, a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.
Only a fool runs faster on the wrong road. In the wrong direction, speed is an enemy; it takes you further away from your destination into disaster. I heard repetition of mistakes is a decision and one secret to failure is trying to satisfy everybody; just don’t leave people without a reason, only to come back with an excuse. Sometimes all the same, some people need to leave, so you know how to function on your own. One hurts you so that you may find someone who can heal you. If no one’s there to hurt you, you may never know the person who cares for you; never let emotions get the best of you. You definitely meet people for a reason; either to be a blessing or a lesson. Relationship decisions are made in the brain and not the heart. Most of our mistakes, the big ones at least, are the results of allowing emotions to overrule logic; that moment you’re left with just the right option but refuse to act right.
One of the best feelings ever is finally losing your attachment to someone who isn’t good for you. Never blame anyone in your life; good friends bring you happiness, bad ones give you experience, worst ones teach you a lesson while the best ones live you with blissful memories. Be with someone who treats you as a destination; not a stop along the way. Don’t beg anyone to love or trust you. Don’t beg anyone to come or stay. If another girl steals your man, there’s no better revenge than letting her keep him; real men can’t be stolen; take it as a chance to realize you can live without them. The fact that leaving you is her decision doesn’t stop living on from being your decision. It’s all summed up in three words; life goes on. Just move on, and one day, someone is going to come along and appreciate everything about you that someone else took for granted.
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THE WISDOM OF THE RIGHTEOUS - Luke 1: 17; champion ability not veiled by slave mentality

Champion ability but slave mentality,
Enslaved in Egypt; they forgot their identity,
Freedom at last, yet, their mind wasn't a free dorm,
So God had to lead them with a prince with king mentality

Given life by the father, yet, acting Egyptian mummies,
Gifted the life of winners, yet, acting enslaved dummies,
Victors for real but not claiming the victory,
Whose report do you believe; God's or circumstance

A carry over from the world into the realm of God's word,
Unrenewed mind thinking poverty, sickness and guilt,
God's word is His wisdom; helps you think and act right,
You are the righteousness of God? Then use the wisdom of the righteous

The report from the ten spies obviously had bow legs,
The words of Caleb stood out without K-legs,
Joshua's case too was different; chose to believe Yeshua,
Believing God's report activates real port to breakthrough

By their fruit ye shall know them; the living faith got God's fruit,
Instead of a dead faith, replace your mind's world with God's word
To prove that good, acceptable and perfect will of God;
Nurture your nature and conform to God's full stature

Having your mind set for victory points to great fate,
The mindset of victory is the standpoint of faith,
Standing from the Word's point; believe and declare it,
The wisdom of the righteous has been made right yours.
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I'M THE APPLE OF GOD'S EYES - In God's eye, I'm an apple; I pull the heavy into light

I'm the apple of God's eyes, the enemy cannot touch me,
I'm the apple of God's eyes; haters beef but cannot chop me,
I'm the apple of God's eyes; dem laptop no fit screenshot me,
I'm the apple of God's eyes; no ram fit bite my memory

Haters glow with pride but they are just empty hens,
The earth is alert that what I air, tells of power,
Yes! I'm an epitome of power empowered as God's tower,
Aba father takes me farther than I accelerate further

I'm the apple of God's eyes; Adam and Eve never bit me,
I'm the apple of God's eyes;  the word of God is my microchip,
I'm the apple of God's eyes searching deeper things than google,
I'm the apple of God's eyes seeing unseen things by goggles,

I'm an offspring of God; yes! A god amidst men,
I overpower lions even in their den,
I glow to rule my world under the rule of His word,
I square up not for try-angles but unique elevation

I once got my eyes blocked by the freezer of deceit,
But now I'm iced in God's word, seated with truth on the seat,
In God's eye, I'm an apple and I pull the heavy into light,
I brighten my corner and delight in the light.
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SPINNING UNDER THE J OF JESUS - melody without scratch

Dem no wan import rice  but I still dey chop ofada;
Recession no fit stop your rise when God is your father,
My God is not Aba made; I call Him Aba father;
He lifts me up further, farther than the farthest ladder

I circle in try-angles to square up to be the star;
Crossed with numbered shapes of hurdles; life is a game of what?
Hold on to general market despite the perfect suspense shown;
Hi five; pick three! You too; pick two

If life were a game of poker, I'd be an ace queen of Christ,
I'm a flat of the Spirit; He jacks me up when I tire,
Haters tried to club my heart with the spade of shame;
They used their pack of cards but my King turned them jokers

No more ocada; street boy with Prada,
I hustled like maga; cracked the puzzle; mo ti doga,
I'm high without weed because of God's word I wield,
Those that tried to gun me down have already gone down

Spinning under the J of Jesus; melody without scratches;
The Mic's taxing champions but I ain't knocked out or swagged out,
Dem haters don noga nitori mo ti noga;
Dem no dey bother me for boarder; I dey port pass passport.

*noga: streching necks (Yoruba)
*nitori mo ti: because I have (Yoruba)
*noga: beat the boss (Yoruba)
*mo ti doga: I've turned boss (Yoruba)
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KEEP ON MOVING - as long as you still got breath in you, then you got length to cover

If decision isn’t right, you’ll be left behind by greatness; no decision, no destination. Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability. You aren’t a man because you were born one but you choose to be one. Know who you are; be who you are because it pays to be yourself. It is good to dream big but not bad to start small; a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step; despise not little beginnings. You were designed by God not to blend in but stand out, so be yourself no matter the circumstance; be original for it’s your originality that will sell your uniqueness to the world. Until you see yourself, you don’t know what you’re supposed to be. Appreciate your true self to become your real self. Face life with enthusiasm believing all is well and knowing all things are possible. Just as you ought not to put until tomorrow what you can do today, yesterday is so far away that you can’t merge it with today. In the pursuit of success, there is no failure in trying; success is nothing more than a few discipline practiced every day.

The questions may be more than the answers but that’s nothing to worry about. It’s not bad to be a slow walker as long as you don’t walk backwards. One stroke at a time; swim through life as if you got fins. There’s nothing fishy about becoming the head as long as you scale the hills. Courage to ford the raging sea is what parts your red sea; courage which God has implanted in every single man, no matter the race, not to fail out of life’s race. The gift of life you got is enough to make you believe you are gifted to win; in the swimming pool of life, no matter the winning pull of fortune, only the living got the winning stroke. As long as you are still breathing, you got the winning step in you; there’s no race you can’t win. Leave the realm of cuddles when you ought to live the realm of jumping huddles. It’s easier to see mountains as stepping stones when you’re right on top; so keep climbing high until you get there because they’re actually just stepping stones. You are perfectly made to be up to the task. You got the winning streak right from birth from amidst about 250 million sperm cells. If nothing could stop you then, then nothing except you, can hinder your destiny; your destiny is right in your hands.

Why settle for less when there is enough space at the top. No matter your achievements, let it register in your mind that you’ve not come this far only to come this far; the best is always yet to come since it always gets better. Clean up the past and repackage the present for a much better future.  Guard your dream jealously, dream more while awake, live your life to the fullest, chase your dreams, go for what you want but in all, never forget your maker.

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FRIENDSHIP - friendship series at; one (01)

If life is a garden, then good friends are the flowers that beautify it, so never turn your back on friends because of wrongs; the sweetness of the bee never goes out of honey even if it stings; respect the knees that say sorry.

We live in a world in which judgment is more important than getting to know that person; it’s worse when you’re the one judgmental about yourself. How on earth do you expect love from others when you dislike yourself. When you’re at peace with yourself, it flows to others; to love is the beginning of a lifelong romance. Not everybody riding with you rides for you; let the gas run out and see who helps you push; it is worse when you aren’t really for yourself by actions. Clean up the past, pack, arrange and repackage the present for a much better future. Never you surrender your destiny to human opinion or belittle your efficacy; you can still become what God wants you to be.
Loyalty is a two way street; if you are asking it from me, then I should be getting it from you. A relationship with no trust is like a phone with no service; what do you do with a phone with no service? You play games. As we grow up; we realize it is less important to have lots of friends and more important to have real ones. The sages say, “Honesty is an expensive gift; don’t expect it from cheap people”. You don’t need to be mean with what you say to say what you mean. In any case, don’t just say what you mean but mean what you say; it shouldn’t just be about the present but about a consequential future of an ever new tomorrow. Sometimes, those who don’t socialize much aren’t actually anti-social; they just have no tolerance for drama and fake people. Get honest with people about who you are, what you want and how you expect to be treated; standards only scare off people not meant for you. Say how you feel without being or sounding desperate; be painfully honest and save people the stress and trouble. You can’t force people to love you; maybe you could only show them what they’re missing; love defies hatred, inspires emotion and increases passion.
A pretty face gets old, a nice body will change but a good woman/man will always be a good woman/man. People tend to value memories rather than actual people so the vulnerability in friendships should never be taken for granted; sometimes, you miss the memories and not the actual people. There are always two sides to a coin; never jump into conclusion so easily. Everyone goes for the rose but only a great heart can include the thorns; learn to love with all your heart and accept the unlovable sides of others too. People may forget what you said or did but can never forget how you made them feel.

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FOUNDED ON HIS WEALTH - 2 Corinthians 8: 9; He became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich

I reached to be poured oil at the feast at last,
For the rich turned poor; the first made last;
He was slain to make us reign; played the fool to make us rule;
His righteousness made right your nest; awaiting wealth? Right! You're next

Handed a ring that saves by a King who was enslaved,
This king; most righteous, has made his nature right yours,
Turned poor to give us wealth; took the stripes for our health,
The lamb tagged great fool has forever made us grateful

God the most glorious has made his glory yours,
Activating hell riddance to claim his inheritance,
God does prosper real things; He has made your glow real,
Made you a heir of prosperity through the riches of His glory

Living to bless the other is a unique divine order;
Undenied access to super-abundant success,
The reason grace tails me is to always make me head,
The risen Jesus is the reason satan can never jinx us

I walk in the finished work of grace on the cross,
That crossed out sin's wages which includes the poverty curse,
I believe in what God has done for me right now, of course
My prosperity is on course; the King of kings is the cause.
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CHINANSA - Uba Chinaza; pengaze star; the rhymes

Testimony is her story; facing the huddles
Yet, building up the yet to grow that need the cuddles,
The lyrical punches lined up in her thoughts just rhyme;
Spiritual A.T.M.; the divine Word dispenser

A girl with wisdom they call CHINAZA;
Just ask her the question, she go give you the answer,
Enemies; dem try, but dem no fit chance her,
Baba God na the ogbonge sponsor wey dey finance her

Available to God more than a free-lancer;
A pen in God's hands; no be eleganzer,
A great encourager; happiness enhancer;
Till you express the joy to join the dancers

Temptations all around to attack like cancer;
But she strong pass jando; spiritual bouncer,
She no dey sell fish; she no be mincer,
She journeys in the Christ wey get level pass Venza.
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EXPIRY DATE - it's better to burn out than to fade out

Every breath inspired is definitely expired,
Every living soul manufactuared will one day expire,
Birthday is natural; death day isn't unnatural,
Just that it's better man burns out than to fade out

Relating things you can do to that of a candle,
An invalid life is one not fulfilling purpose,
Like the poor pose of a candle already faded out,
Expired while alive; I mean before burning out

Man got a call ender date called expiry date,
Our birth earns us a date with one life only,
Till death buys us a date with a timeless eternity,
A tie to either romantism or romanticism

Man is MADE to Make A Difference Everywhere;
Never too late to make a difference, until you're late,
Candles faded out still got the chance to burn out,
The choice of Fool-feel poor pose or to fulfill purpose is yours

Life is always game to unveil our true worth;
A number of challenges of different shapes like whot,
But no man's a dry terrain; we all got the rain of time;
Watch your flow; don't get your age drained; no one's meant for the drainage

''I must work the works of he that sent me while it's day;
For the night is coming when no man can work''
We occupy our space in life as living souls that matter,
Just that we lose our weight when our mass  purpose is gunned and gone.
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OBULU - Christian Union Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students UGBOWO UNIBEN/UBTH jingles; audio and lyrics; track 12

DAVIDKINGS (verse 1)
I got my Jesus so I just dey bubble, I read His word make I for no stumble
If devil try me, e go enter trouble ‘cos inside this rumble, God just give me double
As I just dey dey buble, hin tell me say: my son just remain humble
Inside this double, I go give you triple, every ear wey hear am go just dey tingle
Listen as I dey yarn you, If God campaign for you, devil go vote you
Forget the past, focus on the future which is featured in the Lord’s scripture
Without confusion, follow your vision ‘cos in every mission, there is destination
Make your decision follow God’s direction

CHORUS (eazy):
CU-NIFES dey hail you baba, Obulu o Jesu uluese
CU-NIFES dey hail you baba, Obulu o Jesu uluese
CU-NIFES dey hail you baba, Obulu o Jesu uluese
CU-NIFES dey hail you baba, Obulu o Jesu uluese

SAMKLEEZY (verse 1):
See as we dey bubble, rumble in the temple,
Blessings double double, never see a trouble
Ole zele me yo ghe, evho vha do ghe
San de eboselu, me yoghe obulu
For CU-NIFES God dey bless us double double
For CU-NIFES God dey bless us triple triple
See as we dey bubble, rumble in the temple,
Blessings double double, never see a trouble

[CHORUS (eazy)]

SAMKLEEZY (verse 2):
CU celebrate (eh), jubilate (eh), praise am o(eh), oya hail baba
We go dey hail hail hail your name, you lift our lives with fame
We go dey hail hail hail your name, all the way, all the way
CU celebrate (eh), jubilate (eh), praise am o(eh), oya hail baba

[CHORUS (eazy)]


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Christian Union Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students UGBOWO UNIBEN/UBTH jingles; audio and lyrics; track 7

CHORUS (grace and mercy):
Happy birthday, Lord lift you high each day
To command wealth and in good health

ELVIZY (verse 1):
As I’m standing here with boldness, standing in His promise
Living for the savior, see, I bet you better to do it
‘Cos the life’s that’s in Christ; you’re certainly insured
And you’re sure that your life is hid with Him right in God
See you should paint the story, tell the world about His name
‘Cos He created you for greatness on this special day
Joli plenty eh, here’s the truth; the price is paid
If you’re walking with the Lord then you dey kampe
Grace and favour and ahead of you are better days
Walking in love, living by faith; you can celebrate
How far you gaze, upon His face, in Jesus name; say you were blessed
On this special day…….

MERCY (Verse 2):
Eh eh eh eh eh eh….
God be with you everyday to command all the wealth of His hand
And you will be in good health
Happy birthday…, God lift you high everyday, to command wealth, and in good health
We wanna say: happy happy birthday from the house of CU-NIFES
We are saying you will live oooo long and you will be in good health

CHORUS (grace and mercy):
Happy birthday, Lord lift you high each day
To command wealth and in good health


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I AM HUMAN - I am M.A.D.E. (Making A Difference Everywhere)

If I were sugar, I'd attract sugar ants;
I am human; friends should enjoy my sweetness,
If I were salt, a pinch of me would influence the pot;
I'm a human MADE to Make A Difference Everywhere

If I were an eagle, I would master the wind;
I am a human; I master my fear and challenges,
If I were a lion, I would rule the jungle;
I am human, I must subdue the earth

If I were a dog, I'll be loyal to my master;
I am Christian; my loyalty is to Christ,
If I were a monkey, I wouldn't resist bananas;
I am a believer; don't resist fruits of the Spirit

If I were a bee, I would protect my honey;
I am human; I must protect what I love,
I'll have the might, if a termite, to protect my hill;
I am a citizen; I must defend my country

If I were a lamp, I would brighten my corner;
I am a shepherd; my voice heard should lead the herd,
If I were a shark, I'd be the spotlight of the ocean;
I am a giant in the reality of my dreams.
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TEMPTED BUT JOYFUL - James 1:12; poetic gospel; inspired by scriptures

So dark a friction, causing our light affliction,
But words from Christ the Oracle; oral cool in tribulation;
We operate from unseen scenes; we don't look at the seen;
Faith in the Word grants good fate in this world

Challenges aid promotion; effects the motion of the pro,
With milk teeth gone, go on when you meet strong trials;
If it's time to go a way filled with heartbreaking hurdles
Challenges won't go away just because you want cuddles

I don't thirst for weights but I wait for tests,
Situations of circumstance can't condition my joy instance;
Determined to be unstopped by the so called deter mines;
God's word is the detergent bleaching off the deter agent

An epitome of glory; I got my glow real,
Devil the evil is ever under my feet;
His tentacle can't tackle my pinnacled ankle's feit,
Got strength to conquer all; my name is conqueror

Moments more tests play on thirst; Yes! More meant for good,
The air-it-age sometimes triggers the err-it-age;
In a constantly changing world, the changeless word's our heritage,
For God feels what I pass through when in water or fire.
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DESPITE THE WEIGHT, GOD EXPECTS YOU TO WAIT - John 9: 3; inspired by scriptures

How come you lose your worship when faced by a warship,
You had sheep as friends till you had to face hardship;
Now forsaking the fellowship with your fellow sheep,
You now abandon the Solid Rock 'cos life seems no more to rock

Yes! He was blind from birth, but to God's glory I bet;
Though Christ's disciple, circumstance caused this diss I pull;
The disgrace you pull can be washed off by this grace pool;
Testimony from the test; triumph from the trial

Born a zero to be transformed to a hero;
Accidental scars for intentional stars;
Disguised as predicament but a message in this messed age,
Makes me predict a meant solution as a sage in the new age

Daniel chose God and was tagged a faith fool;
You see, lions testify that this God is faithful,
Joseph chose not to sin and was tagged a great fool;
You see, he ended up as Egypt's king and indeed was grateful

The old time real legions of the old time religion;
Legends of Christ; hearers and doers; in the world but of the Word,
They cast their lives to the drama of life's played trauma,
I leave my life to live out Christ; For God I live, for God I die

When faced by the warship, use the weapon of worship;
You don't need the pain off you to give God all of you;
Your life was left right by the God who did right wrongs;
That's why His grace tails you to always make you the head

Job stuck with God even when he no more had his tank full,
Paul and Silas were bound in chains, yet, chose to be thankful;
Endure pain while you wait for God to end your pain;
Don't faint under the weight; God expects you to wait.
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EBERE (Da Voice) - EGWABOR ANNIE EBERE; pengaze star

I'd sing of how nice she is if I were 9ice,
I'd sing of her sweet flows if I were FLO,
I drive off with the key of musical rap to ice the cake,
To proclaim peace to you before I'd rap up this piece

''Oya'' let's go game; referee ''fon fere'',
Master of the pitch; my voice training coach,
'Twas a machine voice until she helped me train it;
Now the machine's gone; my shot voice's safer than the train

''Egwu'' means dance while ''Abor'' means clap;
When they both collabo we'll be left right with EGWABOR,
''Ani'' who's the pengaze star was the asked ''ibere'';
And this name was the answer: ANNIE EBERE

''Challenge'' isn't her bus stop; got a boss drive to solution,
Her patience attracts good luck; oh, yeah! suurulere,
Try to find the L.C.M. of this A.C.M.,
And you'll find out her H.C.F. is only found in Christ.

*Challenge: name of a bus stop in Lagos
*fon fere: blow the whistle (yoruba language)
*ibere: question (yoruba language)
*A.C.M. : Assistant Choir Mistress
*suurulere: patience is a virtue (yoruba language)
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YOU BREAK UP WITH YOU - signs of a wrong relationship series; part five (05)

Can two walk together, except they be agreed?
Whether in love or in need, we love those who soothe our need,
Disregarding your need's a break up with yourself in Love's grid,
Letting your brain scrutinize your heart's decisions isn't greed

He prayed for Sister Comfort and she did come forth,
She was comfortable with his comfort tables,
That was before they got in to start relating in the ship;
Before they both entered the relationship's boat with loose bolts

Your definition of the canoe was a sugarcane; oh!
It's pedals turns a cane; oh! Subsequent volcanoes,
Your whys for relationship doesn't relate to this ship;
Which seems to journey on your tears rather than the ocean

Individuals are at ease with their structured relationship picture,
An artist, called God, painted some hint in scriptures,
Presently featured defects are the effects that await the future;
House is for the home; dough for bread unpunctured  

To prevent the violence which a lot of couples manage
Courtship should ship folks through courts of vow-lens before marriage;
It should pass a life sentence not into bondage but the bond-age;
Age of a life time bond which increases with age

Being a man isn't just about the gym's work out
Being the lady doesn't mean giving up to walk out,
Two are better than one; relate to make it work out,
If the ship persists to capsize, then you should both walk out.
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MAXWELL - Mahqzweil Emokpae; pengaze star

I looked into the Punch and the news was his name,
Saw the obvious headlines; all about his fame,
I call him the king because he tops the game,
He dey care pass day care; the lion can be tamed

When it comes to football, Maxwell marks well;
One in a million guy with a balanced sense of humour;
Oh yeah! You can quote me; humerus to the bone,
Tried to be fairer than the world and ended up like pawpaw

Fine boy no pimple; girls trip over hin dimple,
Ladies mistake his teddy and beards for teddy-bear,
Heard a babe thinking aloud and she was like tender bae,
He got lot of hot fans; just too cool; please no A.Cs

Max got wells full of Christ the living water,
You can call him ajebota; sabi chop bread and butter,
Anytime he prays, God hears and fills the bucket,
Givers never lack is the testimony of his pocket.
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