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Don’t be in a relationship if you are going to act single; do not be in a hurry to leave being single; every stage has its own peculiar challenges. He who says he’s leading with no one following is only taking a stroll; so the earlier you define your relationship, the better. If she is responsible for your smiles, then be responsible with her heart. If you expect her to be the Angel in your life, first of all create a heaven for her; angels don’t live in hell. Life’s a stream you can’t afford not to ford. Life’s an ocean capable of drowning dreams; relationship is a loose boat you both board to tighten. Self-preparation serves as bolts not for fashion, but to tighten that loose boat. When two agree to relate in a ship; a journey is the idea; courtship to ship love through the court of vow-lens and not violence.

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EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT – friendship; One of the best feelings ever is finally losing your attachment to someone who isn’t good for you; part two (02)

One of the most difficult bonds to break is emotional attachments. No matter how hard you try, he sees everything wrong in what you do, he explodes in a violent rage that paralyses you with fear, he always makes you feel worthless. Her violent outbursts always hit you with disdain and vile words; she never cares how much she hurts you and will do what it takes to have continual power and control. He has got legendary fists and you being the punching bag is the news headline. You’ve turned prisoner to a monitoring spirit; you can’t make calls, go to work or even visit friends without her knowing where you are the whole time. Well the thing is, no matter how abusive a relationship is, some people find themselves unable to let go of their partner. No matter how deep your emotional attachment is or how difficult you find it to let go, you need to advice yourself to eventually let go. Better still, if you are able to find a couple with one partner being abused, I guess just a chit chat will convince you to act right. Remember, a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.
Only a fool runs faster on the wrong road. In the wrong direction, speed is an enemy; it takes you further away from your destination into disaster. I heard repetition of mistakes is a decision and one secret to failure is trying to satisfy everybody; just don’t leave people without a reason, only to come back with an excuse. Sometimes all the same, some people need to leave, so you know how to function on your own. One hurts you so that you may find someone who can heal you. If no one’s there to hurt you, you may never know the person who cares for you; never let emotions get the best of you. You definitely meet people for a reason; either to be a blessing or a lesson. Relationship decisions are made in the brain and not the heart. Most of our mistakes, the big ones at least, are the results of allowing emotions to overrule logic; that moment you’re left with just the right option but refuse to act right.
One of the best feelings ever is finally losing your attachment to someone who isn’t good for you. Never blame anyone in your life; good friends bring you happiness, bad ones give you experience, worst ones teach you a lesson while the best ones live you with blissful memories. Be with someone who treats you as a destination; not a stop along the way. Don’t beg anyone to love or trust you. Don’t beg anyone to come or stay. If another girl steals your man, there’s no better revenge than letting her keep him; real men can’t be stolen; take it as a chance to realize you can live without them. The fact that leaving you is her decision doesn’t stop living on from being your decision. It’s all summed up in three words; life goes on. Just move on, and one day, someone is going to come along and appreciate everything about you that someone else took for granted.

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