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The dear me hola right now is Damilola,
I ain't talking O.P., she was once in H.O.P.,
Certain not to wrong her, she is a great writer,
'Ariwo oja' sumarises one of her works

ODUNUKAN DAMILOLA - Happy Birthday Celebration - kleezypen.com

The EARTH IS ALERT that she is a writer that GLOWS,
Breathing airtime per seconds into the life of fiction,
Isn't an EMPTY HEN, she lays eggs of wisdom,
Even the AIR TELLS me of the love that she breathes

Fantastic classic physique that's uniquely attractive,
The sweetie called sweet tea, people love her vibes,
The hottie called hot tea; a daughter of the My Tea God
Slim fit like a model losing weight but adding shape

She swims through life like she's got divine fins,
Christ is the solid Rock on which she is standing,
ODUNUKAN can't be dry; God's blessings rain on her,
DAMILOLA signifies that she has been built on riches.

H.O.P. : Hospital, Orphanage and Prison unit; an outreach section under CU-NIFES
O.P. : Off Point
CU-NIFES : Christian Union Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students

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