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Cool Worship

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Since the Christ in NUMAH has made her a new man
LETINA soars higher as God keeps letting her
NUMAH LETINA sweet like new maltina
She’s a black beauty shining with grace as her polish

LETTINA NUMAH - Happy birthday Celebration; kleezypen.com

Her company is fun; lovely to walk with,
Fun as a companion; lively to work with,
At the feet of TINA, learnt a lot from her feit,
She’s worded and loaded; spiritually solid

Socially special beyond specially social,
Funny and thrilling; I rate her six star,
She’s a leader and a mother that suits sweet sister,
So much endearing, God bless you dearie

A girl so spiritual; works with time and always punctual,
Hardworking zeal so steady; she is an Iron-Lady,
Called her small TINA like maltina; Tina’s cool till now,
She is the super star I salute with seven ups.

Feits: a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred

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