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Cool Worship

Gospel Rap

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A lady of strength whose efforts don’t relent,
Courage so different and life so salient,
Her smile is Godsent; her convictions never bent,
Whom Satan can’t dent; to whom God’s love is meant

PRECIOUS ADEBOLA - Happy birthday Celebration; kleezypen.com

Like the Holy Spirit, she's a great encourager,
Her true words that uplifts increases one's gear,
To speed on without brakes with a "God is good" motto,
Her word's like engine of motor, spices than ajinomoto

Sweet words that are juicy for love is her jersey,
Epitome of humility; example to society,
A mother and role model with the physique of a model,
PRECIOUS is Judicious, PRECIOUS is courteous

It's so precious when the crown birth's riches,
For the Yorubas call it "ADEBOLA",
Relish in perfect health in a pool of wealth,
To this cute soaring Angel that got wings like an Eagle.

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