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It's a man's responsibility to provide for the home; in fact the last time a woman did, they were both kicked out of the garden of Eden (on the lighter side though). Brethren, make money before ''thinking'' of women. Even in the bible, (Job) comes before (Romans). You find some graduates bragging that they can't do some jobs just because they got a degree. Just to remind you, a thermometer has got 100 degrees, yet it works under armpits. Stay humble.

The point is that prior proper preparation prevents poor performance. [''He who swallows a complete coconut must have absolute trust in his anus'' - MUGABE]. Focusing on how it begins at the expense of how it ends is like insulting the big mouth of the crocodile when you haven't finished crossing the river. True Love isn't Romeo and Juliet who died Together but Grandma and Grandpa who grew up together.

As ladies, don't be casted in (Acts) of spreading your legs like rumours because of the (Judges) he bought you or the fact that, ''he can make me ride (Micah)''. As guys, it's not all about her (Luke) and (Esther). [''Virginity is (one of) the best wedding gifts any man would receive from his newly wed wife but lately, there’s nothing as such any longer because it’ll have already been given out as a Birthday gift, token of Appreciation, Job assurance, Church collection, Examination marking schemes and for Lorry fares!” - MUGABE]. Who says husbands no more appreciate virginity as a gift. If you aren't a virgin any more, whether as a guy or as a lady, you can still make chastity a packaged gift to your spouse. Talking about the time for being chaste, the time starts now irrespective of being a male or a female. The time to prepare is now.

[''We are living in a generation where people 'in love' are free to touch each others' private parts but cannot touch each others' phones because they're 'private'” - MUGABE]. Celebration of continuous love isn't without a price. Whether guy or lady; trust, openness, partnership, tolerance and tenacity are gifts you can package for your spouse. Work on yourself to be just right for your partner. Remember how it all ends matters much. Guage the level of your preparation. If you take the low battery warning on your phone seriously, then better take this warning on preparation seriously too. To be fore warned is to be fore-armed. Don't let your lack of preparation promote divorce.

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