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''For how long will you remain like this? All your mates and colleagues at work have male children who will corner their daddy's estate. Remember, heaven helps those who help themselves. I've told you of the new man that came to settle at the end of the second lane to your house. People say he is very good at the job. Why not give it a trial?'' Those were the words of Mrs. Adviser, a friend to Mrs. Patience.
Actually, it was not the first time Mrs. Adviser will talk to Mrs. Patience like this but Mrs. Patience never gave a thought to such things; she was a christian and was satisfied that God was in control of her life. This time however, Mrs. Adviser's usual suggestion seemed to be getting some Attention from Mrs. Patience.
Mrs. Patience had been married for seven years but has had only girl-children. Now she was beginning to interpret every friendly overture as a veiled ridicule. She became sour to live with and decided that to die was better than to live. Of recent, she had not been consistent in her church but went from one 'miracle ministry' to another looking for a male child. Often she regretted going in the end because these miracle ministries generally promised well; to start with, but after a while introduced some gimmicks, she knew and had been taught in her church were wrong. Each had one thing or the other to add or to emphasize, apart from the name of Jesus.
Well, what does it matter anymore? Where she gets the man-child is the best, she thought. Mrs. Adviser's suggestion appeared good. So, she went there , to the man at the end of the second lane to her house. The man gave her some fetish medicine and insisted that these will only work if he lies carnally with her. She refused but took the medicine which became a source of pain and discomfort to her stomach. She had to undergo surgery and it was discovered a three months baby boy was forming in her. The foetus was there before she took the juju man's medicine which killed the foetus and affected her womb. The prayer now is no more for the child but how to survive the serious damage of her womb and her whole system. Impatience damages blessing!

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