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[….speaking in tongues….]
Invade me, Invade me ooh ooh invade me, Holy Spirit Invade Me


Invade me, Invade me, ooh ooh invade me, Holy Spirit, Invade Me [..tongues..]
Renew me, [..tongues..], Renew me, ooh ooh Renew me, Holy Spirit of God, Renew Me [..tongues..]
Transform Me (We want You to transform Us, Jesus) Transform us ooh ooh Transform me, Holy Spirit of God Transform Me [..tongues..]
Revive Me (We need revival Lord) oh Revive Us ooh ooh (nye-eh-eh-eh-eh-ee) Revive Us, Holy Spirit Revive Us (Revive Us) [..tongues..]
Revive Us, Holy Spirit of God 


[Revive Us }(x10ce)]
We Need Revival, We Need Revival, Revive Us, Holy Spirit (eeeigh…)
[Revive Us }(x7ce)] [Transform us }(x4ce)] [Ignite Us }(x4ce)], Holy Spirit (nyeah..)


We want You to ignite Us (eh)
[We want You to revive Us }(x3ce)]
[Invade us }(x2ce)]  [Take Over }(x6ce)] [..tongues..] take over Holy Spirit [..tongues..]
[Take Over }(x4ce)] [..tongues..] (oh oh) [..tongues..] [Take Over }(x3ce)][Holy Spirit, Take Over }(x6ce)] [Invade Us }(x5ce)]


For a lot of us, we actually need the Holy Spirit to invade us ‘cos if he lives us with a choice we won’t allow him, so he would invade your space; take over your life. Like a mighty wind, he will take over your life invade every space and take everything over for him


[Invade Us }(x2ce)] invade me
[Tell Him to Invade You }(x2ce)] I want an invasion (eh)
[Tell Him to Invade You }(x5ce)]


I will say this again, you need to open your mouth and tell him to invade you. You have been on the same spot. You need to open your mouth and tell him to invade you. That is my prayer, invade me. Don’t even give me the chance to put myself together, just rush me (laugh). Rush me Holy Spirit, invade me, don’t give me time to think. That’s the best prayer I can pray because sometimes my mind is there calculating and disturbing his flow; so I can tell him to invade me. Break protocol for me; break it. Break protocol; come and invade me. Take over my space; I am allowing you Holy Spirit, take over my space,
so tell him to invade you, tell him to invade your life, tell him to invade your space, tell him to invade everything you hold
tell him to invade it because he needs to [..tongues..]
he needs to invade [..tongues..]
he needs to invade [..tongues..]
He needs to invade, you need to give him space, you need to let him [..tongues..]


[Invade Me }(x3ce)] Invade my life, Invade My Space, Invade Everything I know
[Holy Spirit }(x4ce)] Invade me [..tongues..] (oh) [Invade Me, Holy Spirit }(x3ce)] [..tongues..]



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