MAKE A DECISION IN YOUR BRAIN AND ADVICE YOUR HEART TO FOLLOW - Stay away from people who make you feel you’re hard to love; top poetry site

It was Harry the cool that caused her ridicule
She called him Boo harry; he called her Bae Mary
Though Mary was hot; Harry played her cool
Sweet romantic changes not worth what romantic change is
He often says in pidgen accent, “Mary me” means My Mary
It gives her a heart a pigeon ascent cos what she hears is “Marry me”
She pours prayers on him while he only preys on her
He declares love on all knees; yet his love is all nill
He promised you a laptop just to lay on your lap top
Your poor background puts your back to the ground
Got a crush on him, then he starts crushing your heart
Disguised Harmful Houseflies as butterflies in the belly
You fight a war for love but he sees you a whore
You haven’t said I do yet he beats you black and blue
Smiles that unveil your teeth are faded, doesn’t matter to him
The wait to unveil your tits is what occupies his heart
The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose
Love of a calm era doesn’t thrive on a poor pose
Shot in the heart and framed up by love’s camera
Stay away from people who make you feel you’re hard to love
Christ paid to have you; his price was priceless
Yet he never puts more on you than he puts in you
Don’t let that guy get you cheap like you’re plantain chips
Make a decision in your brain and advice your heart to follow
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IN CO-MOTION WITH CHRIST - With sin out of the scene, the blood of Christ flows in me; top poetry site

A new age to cleave not to the world’s cleavage
But full of milk to start Chewing meat and bones
Mr. Bones in the spirit; crack your ribs in joy
Joy in the Holy Ghost; laughing in the Spirit
Life may seem upside down, But God turns down sides up
This one no be by background; na grace dey push me upfront
Could have gone from nuts to ground but no be me be groundnut
I been fall down like rain but Baba lift me up to reign
I’m in co-motion with Christ so no commotion
I get no shuns when I call; what a fatherly notion
So I call him Abba father; this one no be Aba made
He make me dey shine na; this one no be China made
I'm feared by Satan's lice; Based on my Holy Ghost pomade
Baptism no be man made, so I’m feared by the mermaid
Holy Ghost and I, we we na; we form the winner’s gang
I roll on with the Spirit; you know fit put me for abia
God’s the president resident in me; I so rock than Aso rock
I got connections than internet ‘cos I dey follow the ladder
God the father pass godfathers;, no one fit murder my progress
I commune on in communion; I live by the Word, not bread alone
Was a Sin-dumped banana peel for death to chew my soul
I thought I pissed God off till He helped me piss off sin
Handed me a cup; I expected wrath but found Christ’s blood
With sin out of the scene, the blood of Christ flows in me
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Celebration time: Praise Medley by The Gratitiude of Coza Abuja (lyrics+audio)

Ima abasi, Ima Daddy (The Love of God, the love of my father)
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
I go worship my God o
I go shout halleluyah
Me I go worship my God oh
My God do well for me -eh -he
My God do well for me
Though alone art worthy to be praised
Though alone art worthy to be praised
CALL:Kene nu Jesu
RESPONSE: Kene nu me ya oh! (Praise Him)
CALL: Lift up Jesus
RESPONSE: Higher higher! Higher higher!
Everybody are you ready, give the Lord a dance
Do your hand like this, Eh; are you ready, hehy
one, two,eh, listen now, siba
Since I was born  now I am getting older
I have never seen the righteous man forsaken before
Before before say my world was in a mess
But as you came into my life
You don deliver me eh
That's why I call you Daddy! (Daddy!)
For my life I no dey worry (worry)
He turned my mourning into dancing (dancing)
Tell me why I no go happy (happy)
God of miracle
Na my papa oh! Na my papa oh!
Awesome God! Mighty God! We give you praise
Awesome God, we give you praise, mighty God
You are highly lifted up awesome God
Agama hun, ihe'm geme (I have seen things that will make me)
K'am jawa Chineke mma (Praise the Lord)
Ole (Where)
Igwe (heaven)
Chineke'm oh (My God)
Mere'm Amara (Have mercy on me)
Mere'm Amara (Have mercy on me)
Ole igwe ka Mma

Eligwe Ka Mma (Heaven is better)


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