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Celebration Time Lyrics
(It's celebration time ... yea)
(Everybody gather around, let's celebrate)

Ima abasi, Ima Daddy
(The Love of God, the love of my father)
K'ama Mi o'son
(It holds me so strong)

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

I go worship my God o
(I will worship my God)
I go shout halleluyah
(I will shout Hallelujah)
Me I go worship my God oh
(I will worship my God)
My God do well for me -eh -he
(My God treats me right)
Though alone are worthy to be praised
Though alone are worthy to be praised
CALL:Kene nu Jesu
RESPONSE: Kene nu me ya oh! (Praise Him)
CALL: Lift up Jesus
RESPONSE: Higher higher! Higher higher!
Everybody are you ready, give the Lord a dance
Do your hand like this, Eh; are you ready, hehy
one, two,eh, listen now, siba
Since I was born now I am getting older
I have never seen the righteous man forsaken before
Before before say my world was in a mess
But as you came into my life
You don deliver me eh
That's why I call you Daddy! (Daddy!)
For my life I no dey worry (worry)
He turned my mourning into dancing (dancing)
Tell me why I no go happy (happy)
God of miracle
Na my papa oh! Na my papa oh!
Awesome God! Mighty God! We give you praise
Awesome God, we give you praise, mighty God
You are highly lifted up awesome God
[Agama hun, ihe'm geme
(I have seen things that will make me)
K'am jawa Chineke mma
(Praise the Lord)] x8ce
Ole (Where)
Igwe (heaven)
Chineke'm oh (My God)
Mere'm Amara (Have mercy on me)
Mere'm Amara (Have mercy on me)
Ole igwe ka Mma

Eligwe Ka Mma (Heaven is better)


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