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Life is like EBA; any body Can make it,
So why not be like the PROTON; always positive,
Being patient to WAIT is an attribute that MATTERS;
Wait for your TIME, and your CURRY E go show
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME - samkleezy; CEO kleezypen
When all seems to go wrong, the trials make you strong,
You may trip over and tumble, the sorrow will make you humble,
The bitter truth may piss you off, yet it sets you free,
Success keeps you glowing but it's God that keeps you going
Life is like music; some high notes and some low notes,
True friends are the key bud that makes it a cute song,
Imperfect friends that don't give up on each other
Is what's called perfect friendship; hearts that beat as one
Happiness keeps you sweet when true friends dey "chewing gum" you,
May not have it altogether but together we have it all:
Alone we are strong but together we are stronger,
Friends turn family; together and always
Not about counting years but making the years count;
Do small things with great love for the best is yet to be,
That love may light our days as laughter warms our hearts,
Live every moment and laugh everyday
The love of true friendship is life's greatest Blessing,
Let your self be open and life will be lot easier,
Learn to love beyond words and to be loved in return,
Building fond memories with the people you love
A big thanks to my friends for celebrating my birthday,
The messages and calls; SMS and birthday songs,
The WhatsApp chats and Facebook vibes,
May the joy of celebration never cease in your lives

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