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There's no need to over-stand in this land of wonder since we may not understand if we choose not to wander in the complexity of this complex city called earth; more complex than what we call death.

Life was created through the create-head; the work of the Godhead not through the word God heard but spoke and held.

Through the spoken word came a revolving world; The world looking formless, yet couldn't make the Word's form less.

Any player can choose to play her 'cos she is the ball; this terrestrial ball almost kicked by all is seen as a game 'till the scene's game over.

Creation has an origin from a power over all in gene, over the pest that's deepest; sin; over the unseen on sin and the seen in its scene

Creation's a loving expression not meant for an express shun. It's the Love that's not a poor trait; It is God's portrait. A story of a specially social people with a unique physique of the glory-image of the creator who did create all

We don't have multiple creators; we got just the one who chose to create us. A supreme God that created the earth, who alone can eradicate death.

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