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What a puzzled nozzle; hustling through the bustling muscles of life on rustles of dryness. I mean, I struggled to free my strangled hope from the angle of depression towards elevation but you know what?

All my try-angles ended in frustration.
A quick reasoning here; isn't it along time coming like from the starting of morning to the ending of
evening, yet, seemingly achieving nothing from everything thought to be something.
Oh yeah, whatever!!

Circumstance may keep on teasing but my faith ain't ceasing. Of course!! I know my praising style's kind of fading but I ain't gonna stop chasing God. I'll keep hoping and moving at His word; that sword sharp enough to strike my heart's chorded strings, making the joy bells in my heart ring and springing streams of hymns that keep me blazing and gazing at His dazzling grace; grace so amazing enough to revive my praise. I'll just wait for this praise to spring forth.

I'll keep trusting, longing and waiting. Wait I will, again and again. It's not late to wait, so I'll relate with my great faith to wait without debate in a rate that ensures this date with divine fate in entering the praise gates which springs from He who's never late but lives on to counter Satan's bait and compensate the saints that wait.

I'll wait for His greater glory to transform my story. A survival for a revival at the Springs Of Praise.

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