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I am a witness to the fullness of this righteous Jesus whose radiance covers the remembrance of God's vengeance since He endured torture to restructure our future; He understood the good that could come out of manhood. The Rock of Ages that still shocks the sages at different stages; His works are diverse as revealed in scriptures from verse to verse without a reverse through out the whole universe. Following the examples from His principle has made it simple for me to trample on scorpions against my dimple.

Dat kind thing, e don tey wey men dey wait for a day to piante comot in comfort after send-forth. Na
Baba God mercy infuse love wey difuse grace to take refuse d abuse wey nor fit fuse with our

destiny. Na hin make us never vamose like men wey don lose. As e be so, d reggae we dey dance nor be gbege. What to do? No other alternative than to gallant with our native on d alter of relieve since Baba don totori our belle with popori as per glory touch tori to make us jolly as poporites.

Nor be small thing sha, from FYB (First Year Brethren) to FYB (Final Year Brethren). Need dey for ogbonge beta jollification parole of jubilation based on the confam things wey God don sunsh this house of CU-NIFES...place,wia good things nor dey cease... Is a CU-NIFES there o jere. Na celebration galore mhen...Una sabi as e dey go na, CU-NIFES nor be refrigerator wey dem dey keep sth wey dey gbolor but na incubator wey men for dey mature until dem life palash finish like d shine-shine brosis and soft-soft sisis wey dey catapult from undergraduate to above-graduate so.

As una dey comot so, just in case Satan carry your report, God go remain your support. Satan catapult nor go target your spot. Hin fumes nor go replace your perfume. In case e presume and assume to die on top your matter, he go gbes go vacation but nor go resume. Since devil nor get level, nor fear d evil wey e dey form sey hin sabi because hin performance nor fit touch your inheritance. Whether u deserve am or not, d baba God wey u dey serve go reserve the cris and nice wey Hin don preserve for you. When labour market dey make men craze, divine favour market go dey make you dey praise base on sey na great fools nor dey dey grateful and thankful to the Jehovah overdo wey make our tank to over full.

For the stalites wey still dey the system, incase UNIBEN try turn hinself to ur godfather, na to quick sammer am sey u don already get God the father o, so that when men dey gbagaun dey gbaga for inside unibender, you go dey gbaski dey gbadun for unibester. If e dey form bado, na to clear am sey God the father pass jando na. If e dey parow to spoil your show, na to sunsh am sey the commandos wey ur father dey control many o. If e show as jack-sparrow, na for you to show as God-sparrow be that; normal levels na, enemy arrow nor dey touch God-sparrow. Na why I dey certain sey ur bone and marrow dey kampe even till tomorrow. No matter how dem pro try, dem no get the liver to fit attack the flow of ur glow with sorrow base on sey no foe dey sabi try dem shine-shine bobos and sisis wey God be dia hero.

Hu talk sey e don over Yu ? If I hear. Nor fear jor; abi, yu na learner ni? Na who Hu don help..Hu wey never baf sef. Na wha to you o, why yu go categorically gba kamu to go and die when ur oga at the top never die? Chai! so yu forget sey no matter the matter, dia is God; na im yu com dey believe the oga lie-lie wey dey jangilova you to come and go and die abi? My brethren and sisthren E nor dey over believer o jere. E never finish o, the prim prim of d talk talk wey I gats nack una be sey Life dey too short for dulling so every spirit of dulling, oya control delete; come dey go. keep on LOL-ling while you still have teeth.

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