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Cool Worship

Gospel Rap

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One hell of a girl; I mean she dropped from heaven,
ADEBOLA's influence is contagious than ebola,
A very fruity cherry berry called sweet SHIRLEY,
FAVOUR is favoured of God with unique flavoured savour

Adebola shirley favour
Adebola shirley favour - Happy Birthday Celebration - kleezypen.com

Easy to fall in love with gold; I call her gold spot,
If she were my momsi; haha! I'll call her pepsi,
I've got to let fanta see she isn't a fantasy,
She is down to earth, so I give her seven ups

Since God calls her apple; you will find her in His eyes,
Let me call her pineapple; easy to chill, fresh in ice,
Fashionable girl; friendly little pretty cutie;
Wish you long life of health in a perfect pool of wealth

Critics make her sick but she believes in her dreams,
Dem try to pour her off but she holds on to the rims,
They dream to push her off; not talking daydream;
She still chases her goals untrapped by dem net.

*ebola: viral fever
*momsi :mum


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