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Cool Worship

Gospel Rap

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On a breathtaking day in a life giving month,
The world was blessed to have this lovely OGIDIAMA,
Like the Rose of Sharon beauty is housed in SHARON,
So I find the ways wey I for care for AFOKE

AFOKE SHARON OGIDIAMA - Happy Birthday Celebration - kleezypen.com

The psalms sung won't do even if sung by Samsong,
My pen flow isn't enough even if remixed by FLO,
To be frank, head words won't do with the high pitch of Frank Edwards,
I tried booking rap slot; B.O.U.Q.I was off for book keeping

Yes! Your case is different 'cos you were born to win
If the world was fair then your skin will have a twin
In this life journey, though some dey find their Johnny
Mother confessor knows the legend love dey seek her

Keep the glow to rule your world; be lifted each day in beauty,
To command fields of wealth in long life and good health,
Prosper in things in the pool of prosperity of life,
Better days ahead; the best day's are yet to come.

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