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Gospel Rap

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I once heard about a rapper, not talking woman wrapper,
Rapping in divine realms, but yet, a human rapper,
His flows are words of grace; words of ace for men to follow,
With words, he wraps the gospel; packaged for the God's pull

Benson Eromobor

He is one of the singers of the Jesus Generation,
Human rapper; yards of husband material,
He isn't an elephant but his words got weight,
Isn't Praying Mantis but God hears him when he talks

His punch lines make news; field of words without weed,
Smoking high with lines; a hell of proverbs forged in heaven,
Genesis of revelation in numbers marked to look,
face booked for greatness; kiss of wisdom is his luck

Satan tried to smoke him when he heard his name was BENSON
God made him high already; seated with Christ is EROMOBOR
I pray storms won't make you bother; God expand you beyond boarders;
I wish you Long life and peace with a very correct wife.

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