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I was thirsty and in search of super yogho,
Finally got one from MUEGBEYOGHO,
His words of love calms any core rage,
Multi-tallented man of courage and by the name  COURAGE,

Muegbeyogho Courage Courizzy
Muegbeyogho Courage Courizzy - Happy Birthday Celebration - kleezypen.com

People don't often find God's call easy,
But this guy's different; a unique COURIZZY,
Chairmo of the people; fine boy; no pimple,
He dwells in God's temple; a believer that's so simple

"God has to be with you to eat and be satisfied",
These are COURIZZY'S words; originally certified,
He got ways of showing you the sweetness of the God you got;
I'm talking the sweetness much more than yoghurt

People's house fly when in contact with this gem,
Hot lava in the spirit; flames of truth; yes! He spills it,
Shine forth Everyday; await better days a head,
With a perfect health baptized in a pool of wealth.

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