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This piece is for  whom the peace of God is for,
She's a natural follower, though people love to follow her,
Dem bees are jealous 'cos dem bobos call her honey,
Jehovah's sweet heart not for the joker's card

IMONIKEBE OKEZI - Happy Birthday Celebration - kleezypen.com

This right here is a leader dem call Okezi,
Those who know her know, she's okay from A to Z,
Spiritual sister; loves the Lord so much like crazy,
Addicted to hard work, no wonder she's not lazy

From the GENESIS of her talk, you'll see REVELATIONS,
A pastor on green pasture freeing souls from Ex-ODOURS,
In my A-LEVEL TEA COURSE, knew her as My Tea God's daughter, 
NUMBERS aren't enough to describe her figure

A black beauty queen; cuty not slack in beauty,
Got a great posture; with whom to snap your selfie,
Got a killer smile that makes you see miles as nothing,
Girl of a kind that's exceptionally kind.

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